Garlic and Generous Nature

As we navigate this time of challenges and unknowns, it is an immense comfort to know that the Nature Kingdom made a promise to always provide solutions to our problems. Even our most toxic and misguided creations are met by Nature with solutions and healing. Always.

Yes, we still need to seek these gifts out and then actually use them, but they are there ready for us.

The Flower Essence Goldenseal speaks to the Elementals specific promise to help humankind in its healing process and evolution towards oneness. Despite our disregard for Nature and disbelief in the existence of a consciousness in Nature, Nature keeps turning up for us.

This summer I have been working on a complex project with my Elemental and Angelic partners as well as healer Kathy Skolem to create a group of Flower Essence mixes to help us with the specific energetic concerns we face right now. Tune Up ’21 was the first of the mixes we co-created, but by the Autumn Equinox there will be five more mixes to support us at this specific energetic juncture.

As I work on these mixes and dive more deeply into conversations with the Angels and Elementals overlighting this work, I am struck over and over again by the infinite generosity of Nature.

My process works in the following way. First there is the need to identify energetic issues to be addressed. This involves research and many conversations with the Angels and Elementals overlighting Green Hope Farm. Then I consider Flower Essence candidates for each issue by going deep into conversation with the Angels and Elementals of the various Flowers.

One thing I notice is that EVERY TIME I arrive at a Flower Essence needed, the Angels and Elementals have already made sure the Flower is either growing here because they guided me to grow it this season OR it has volunteered in the gardens and is ready to be made into an Essence. The synchronicities are over the top!

During the growing season I am always busy restocking our Flower Essence inventory, but this year sees me particularly in awe of the offerings in the garden. What an astounding gift to find these Flowers ready to serve us all. The steadiness and generosity of Nature leaves me in complete awe and wonder.

One Flower Essence that has taken me on a deep journey this summer is Garlic. When I last studied Garlic, I focused on its gifts for the 6th chakra. This time, the Angels and Elementals have called me to look at other gifts Garlic has. As I see how it creates a force field of positivity, I recall how in myth and lore it is used to keep negative entities like vampires at bay. In revisiting its energy and talking with it in more depth, this reflects its ability to bring to light negativity especially negative thought patterns and move them out of our energy fields.

Now I will reconsider how Garlic can be added to various existing and soon to be created mixes. One of the synchronicities here is that after my complete failure to rein in the rampaging deer last summer with my ridiculous twine fences, I received an email from a beloved GHF friend named Judy who suggested I use some sort of garlic based spray to spray the daylilies. So this season, I’ve been spraying any plant the deers usually eat with a garlic concoction. AND IT’S WORKING! Yes, I need to shower twice a day and still smell faintly of garlic, but who cares because once again I have Day Lilies blooming everywhere!

So thank you Garlic and thank you Judy and thank you Nature Kingdoms! And deer, I love you and thank you for the lessons you have brought me but honestly, I am thrilled to be having a new lesson with you!