Thanks to Ben, Here We Go!

Thanks to Ben, here we go!

Last time I tried to post of photo of Yessenia’s baby shower, the photo on the web site was the size of a mini marshmallow. In my second try, here is Yessenia holding up the sweater I knit for baby Klaudia, due in about a month.
Seed sowing. These are the tomato seeds going in.

This tree gets its annual pruning.

Charming shot of abandoned dish. I promised you that one.

Look, its Spring here! Okay, this is a fake shot of an Amaryllis from the greenhouse, but we do have crocuses blooming!
And such a good photo of them too! Maybe this one should have stayed the size of a mini marshmallow!

Last of all, how long was yesterday’s town meeting? Look at the sock in the tulip foliage and see it was a half sock meeting. Not to bad, as this meeting season goes.

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