Flower Essences, Community and Group Dynamics on New Earth

On her youtube channel, astrologer Pam Gregory eloquently describes tomorrow’s new moon in relationship to the Aquarian Age we now enter. She notes that six planets are currently in Aquarius including a conjunction between beneficent planets Jupiter and Venus. Pam explains that the last time there were this many planets in Aquarius was 1962 when seeds were sown both for now and also the 60’s with its forays into communal living.

Since listening to her talk on youtube, I have been thinking about how our reboot of that 60’s community energy could be about us creating even more harmonious community.

One of our former staff goddess, Patricia, lived in the commune Wooden Shoes in the 60’s. From her report and that of others I have talked to, the success and failure of the endeavor seemed to rise and fall on some very down to earth things.  Dirty dishes to be exact.

Nothing seems to have been more of a problem than people who did not do their dishes. Or take out the garbage.

Not doing your own dishes or being responsible for your own garbage is such a good example of a basic dilemma in groups. You can have a group of people in which most everyone is taking care of their own personal challenges in a way respectful to the group as a whole, and you can have one or two who are not doing this, and the entire group is deeply affected by these few individuals.  In understanding that each of us come to group settings wounded, how do we both manifest compassion yet also not allow people to have a hall pass on dumping their garbage on others?

The patriarchal model is being smashed apart right now and a good thing too. In patriarchy, top down authority was the norm. This meant we often experienced the sometimes desperate and mostly unsuccessful efforts of a leader to control group dynamic by any means.

Knowing full well this must have been a pattern I incarnated with, I found myself in a family of origin in which my leadership job was to cheer up the entire family with my happy disposition. I can think of many similar situations in my life in which I tried to drag a resistant group from anger, pessimism, fear and resistance towards something more open hearted and happy. After all, if I got the cheerleader job when I was a toddler, it had to be my job in every group dynamic, didn’t it? I can’t think of many instances in which this remotely worked, and I am grateful for the light bulb moment when I realized how this job assignment and my misunderstandings about it had colored so many of my group interactions to the detriment of all.

Let’s face it, most of us have been in group situations in which one or more persons are making it a hell for everyone else. Too often all efforts to shift the dynamic flounder as we all fall into the dynamics of that first group we were in, our family of origin.

As Uranus squares Saturn and continues to dismantle patriarchy all year, I can think of very few top down structures that serve any positive end or should survive. In school structures, elders are needed to model for young people a way to harmoniously exist in a group. And bless them for this largely thankless work. But as the rest goes, good riddance.  This leaves me with the question, how do we exist in groups where there is no top down authority?

Going back to Pam’s video, she talks about quantum physics and the way that matter coalesces around frequency.  This reminds me of why Flower Essences are so powerful a tool in group dynamics as well as for individual use.  Flower Essences are all about raising frequency. As Pam points out, when you raise the frequency what manifests is of this higher vibration.

Many of you may recall the story of how the Green Hope Farm staff came to meditate together as a daily practice. It was 1993. We had put up 25 posters welcoming visitors to the gardens. Instead of the sprinkle of people we expected, up to a hundred people arrived each day.  There were four of us working in the gardens and all of us had a lot of other things going on. Overwhelmed, we found ourselves in a group dynamic of arguing about priorities. It was a situation in which we couldn’t possibly get everything done, but the arguing didn’t help.

The Angels suggested we meditate before we discussed anything, and they had us do our daily meditation in the Eight Garden where the 5D vibration of great light and harmony was grounded.  This combination of a high vibration space and a meditation where we temporarily laid down our ego transformed our group discussions and work together. Our fighting dialed down to practically nonexistent, and we arrived at priorities harmoniously. This was a very, very good thing because four people handling the maintenance of many gardens and hundreds of visitors was a very tall task.

Remembering this gave me insight into supporting group harmony as we go forward into this new paradigm of Aquarian co-creative creation.

Getting the support of 5th dimensional frequencies via Flower Essences or in some other way is very helpful. To mention again what Pam says, “matter coalesces around frequency.” This mean sitting in a room spritzed with high vibration Flower Essences and collectively seeking an intention to raise our vibrations is a very powerful way to manifest a group working in harmony.

For those who don’t welcome the higher frequency, it will be uncomfortable to be in the vibration and they will either make the inner adjustment to raise their vibration into harmony with the higher vibration of the group or they will leave the group. No top down authority is needed or coercion of any sort.

This has been such a good truth for me to remember as my initial life training was that everyone had to be on the happiness train and it was my job, by any means, to try and get everyone onboard. What relief to let people make their own choices and not take responsibility for what these are.

Here are some possible Flower Essences to spritz in group settings. Remember Flower Essences never take away anyone’s free will about anything.  They are information about higher frequencies people can choose to tune to should they want to do so. People will either welcome the vibration or make their own choice to stay in lower frequencies, and it is not anyone’s responsibility but their own whatever they choose.

I am trying to keep this list short so as not to overwhelm you with choices, but a lot of Essences want to be mentioned. I have held it to 7, but if you get a prompting to go in a completely different direction, trust it, because so many other Flower Essences want to help with this shift in group dynamics on the planet!

Arbor Garden– The original Essence in our collection for feeling oneness and harmony with those here in incarnation and those who have passed across the veil. It remains one of our most loved remedies.

The Eight Garden– We have created the Eight Garden mandala twice to keep stocked in this Essence as it is a tremendous support for releasing low vibration ego garbage and bringing in the higher frequencies. It is particuarly effective as it holds a very strong energy supporting release as well as manifestation. And again, this was the garden we sat in when we worked on our group dynamics in 1993.

Purple Allamanda– Wow!  What a time to welcome a new Flower Essence but today, Purple Allamanda, a dynamo from St John that has sat quietly on the shelves for several years, announces its time has come. It tells me its I AM affirmation says it best, I AM unity consciousness, but do read what else it shares at this link.

Carouby de Maussane Pea A wonderful group harmonizer, this Pea Essence helps us participate in community as our most loving self. This is the part of ourselves that knows everyone is our spiritual equal, and we are all doing the best we can. When we have temporarily lost our way into competitiveness or backbiting, this Essence returns us to this gentler view.

Orange Lantana– This gem from Taiwan helps us experience groups as a blessing and delight like a wonderful night gathered around a campfire sharing from our souls.

Sweet Pea– Long beloved for its ability to help us get a good night’s sleep, Sweet Pea also has great strengths in supporting us to find a harmonious thread of connection with ANY group we find ourselves in.

Angelica– I have been thinking a lot about this plant as it’s blossom resembles Wild Parsley which is in the spotlight as a possible cure for covid. Here I mention Angelica for its great unifying energy which helps us know we are Divinity in a sea of Divinity with all of us equal because we are one.