Jane Shares the Deep Connection Between Astrology and Flower Essences


This gorgeous Pasque Flower offers a dramatic note of renewal in the garden right now.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and not just for Flowers. For staff goddess, Jane Taupier, this new beginning has taken the form of a new enterprise that will deepen our understanding of ourselves as well as help us use Flower Essences in a particularly beautiful way.

Jane is both a Buddhist and an astrologer. She tells me both paths began when Pluto was conjunct with her sun in 1996. Jane is also a brilliant gardener and great Flower lover. She has spent the last year studying the way “Flower Essences seem to be perfectly attuned to providing support to people who are experiencing difficult transits, or who have challenging aspects between planets in their natal chart.” Jane continues, “…Essences can be helpful in supporting and strengthening the positive attributes of moon and sun signs, and in balancing any lack or overabundance of elements- air, fire, water, earth- in the natal chart.”

Jane has studied each Green Hope Farm Flower Essence in relationship to these issues. She is now ready to look at your astrological chart for you and make suggestions for Flower Essences that would support you in this astrological balancing process.

You can ask for support on just one specific issue in your chart such as balancing your moon sign, sun sign or elements or you can ask Jane to study your chart and current transits to come up with Flower Essence suggestions or a mix for the whole enchilada. She has taken particular interest in which Flower Essences will enhance and strengthen each moon sign, as she feels Essences are particularly attuned to lunar energy.

If you give Jane your date and time of birth and location, she will look at your chart for the information you desire. Prices for these readings will vary according to individual requests, but having availed myself to her wisdom, I can promise you that you’ll get your money’s worth.

To get the ball rolling, you’ll need to contact Jane on email and chat about what you would like. After you have worked out the practical details, Jane will do a reading for you and make her suggestions. Then you can decide if you want to get back to us at Green Hope Farm to get any of the Essences Jane has suggested.

Jane can be contacted at jtaupier@kua.org

Here is my photograph of her beautiful logo.


It has been a joy to experience the way Jane connects astrology to Flower Essences. I am so delighted that she will now be sharing this gift with all of you.

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