Memo to Self

Dear Molly

Yes, its Spring. I know how you feel about Spring. LIke you are going to burst with joy. That’s all very well and good, but I thought maybe it would be a help if I went over some of the ground rules for the season that might just save you from, well, doing what you do so well which is TOO MUCH.

Here is a pep talk lecture to bring a touch of sanity to your favorite time of year.

1. When the greenhouse is full of seedlings, it is full. Try to resist the temptation to start more seed flats. As in, STOP NOW. The greenhouse is full. Make the Grounding Flower Essence combination mix your best friend right now. It will help you to not get ahead of yourself or the size of your greenhouse. And try some of your new Desert Essence Purplemat. It is all about knowing that LESS really is MORE.

2. Last week you and Jim had a cup of caffeinated coffee together. This led to a very ambitious plan to build a new garden shed, renovate the present garden shed into storage space for inventory and then, once the inventory is all moved out of the barn, renovate the downstairs of the barn into a ping pong palace. That is a big enough project for the summer the century. If you actually do meet up again for a conversation together this season, lay off the caffeine. In fact, no more Tiramisu either. If you have to have do something with coffee in its name, put your feet on your coffee table and sip some water with Coffee Flower Essence in it. In a word, CHILL.

3. A reminder about your anatomy. Contrary to what you think, you do not have eight arms. For clarity about your real anatomy its time for more Amaryllis Flower Essence.

4. So over the winter, you saved a lot of cardboard boxes that could be used to mulch new terrain and make new gardens. This does not mean they NEED to be used to make new gardens. Not every inch of your 18 1/2 acres needs to be a garden. Sip some Alignment Garden Essence whenever you get the itch to spread vast new terrain with cardboard and mulch. And yes, I know you are writing this blog right after you have mulched a whole new garden area.

5. Just because you see a job that you think needs to be done, it does not mean you need to do it today or even this season. Really. Take it from the Roses, F J Grootendorst Rose and the Fairy Rose Essence for example, spring IS also a time for PLAY.

6. Ask for help. You don’t need to move the entire mulch pile, manure pile, and compost pile by yourself. It’s called SPRING VACATION and Will and Jim are having one next week. Emily too. She’s home for her second spring break next week. Tell her manure hauling is much like lifting weights in her college’s fancy gym and accomplishes the same thing. She will get over the smell. Remind yourself that you may not have eight arms, but between the four of you, you do. Cosmos Flower Essence will help you speak up.

7. When it is too dark to see your fingers and too cold to feel them, it was time to call it a day two hours ago. Take your Day Lily Flower Essence to know when its time to call it a day and remember, life is better with all ten fingers, so lay off the pruning at dusk.

Yours Most Sincerely,

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