Venus, the Venus Garden & the End of Patriarchy

As we dismantle the collective mythology of patriarchy, one myth that needs to go is the idea that when a species is in it’s “survival of the fittest” mode, this is the highest evolutionary moment for that species.  Biologists tell us that the “survival of the fittest” mode is actually something species evolve beyond early in their evolution. As they evolve, species move onward from “survival of the fittest” ways of being towards greater collaboration and cooperation.

Honeybees are an example of this. They live for the hive. They die for the hive. Here’s a photo of one of these selfless beings deep diving into a Nasturtium blossom in the gardens this morning.

Patriarchy would tell us “survival of the fittest” is the be all, end all and only option for the human species.  One problem for us with believing in this patriarchal myth of”survival of the fittest” as the ultimate ethos of humankind is that it means we believe war, hierarchy, economic systems of greed, social and political systems based on power over others is inevitable,

It’s time to believe the biologists that tell us this is not a truth in any species and not some evolutionary “peak” where  we are destined to remain.  The spiral of evolution takes us onwards  (and Thank God for that).

I know my Pollyanna Mollyanna missives here can feel like hope ungrounded in what some would call reality, so I was delighted to find this information coming from biologists.  That’s pretty darn grounded!

On another but related note, in my search to better understand the planet Venus and its connection to our Venus Garden and to humanity’s collective journey in these times, I came across several relevant talks by Heather Ensworth about Venus’s orbit and recent placement in our sky. Thank you Heather! Her information about Venus further grounded my heartfelt conviction  that the universe has our back in this immense evolutionary change we are embarked upon.

We’ve had two eclipses this month bringing  energies to dissolve stuck beliefs and dismantle structures that no longer serve us. During the solar eclipse on July 2nd, the planet Venus was positioned in the upraised arm of Orion, the constellation so present in skies in both the northern and southern hemisphere.  In many world cultures, the upraised arm of Orion signifies Divinity bringing order out of chaos.  To have Venus positioned in the hand of the upraised arm of Orion suggests it is the energy of Venus that is being brought to bear on the chaotic, stuck energies.

Energetically and symbolically, Venus  is about right relationship- right relationship with our self, right relationship with our community, right relationship with our use of resources, right relationship with our planet, right relationship with the Divinity within us, and yes, famously, right relationship in partnerships.   Venus asks us to examine how we are in balance and harmony in our lives and where we are not. Venus supports us to find right relationship in all areas of our lives.

Just as the skies reflect, Venus stands in opposition to patriarchy. Patriarchy idealizes individuality at the expense of the less fortunate.  With Venus’s help, we move towards a time in which caring for each other in a web of acknowledged oneness and interdependence will be a way of life. The idea of using war as a tool to create security will seem insane and violence will be understood to be a rupture in right relationship.

When the second and related lunar eclipse happened this month on the July 16th, Venus was still in our morning sky but was very close to the Sun, It was conjunct with the Sun because it was just about to orbit out of sight from us behind the Sun in what is known as its superior conjunction.

This superior conjunction is a three month period when Venus is out of view for us. It  is a time for Venus to commune with the stars but not us- a needed break for Venus no doubt- It is also a time for us to think about what Venus is asking of us- It is our chance to reflect and re-evaluate our relationships. It is a time for questions like, “What needs to happen for me to be more nurturing to myself and more compassionate for others? ” and “Does how I spend my time and resources reflect my values?” and ” What is required of me to be in right relationship with all parts of life?”

When Venus orbits back into view,  it will be sitting in the constellation of Libra, the scales of balance, in the evening sky.  Refreshed by its vacation from Earth problems, Venus will return to assist us to put into action the realizations we’ve had.  It will be ready to help us find balance and right relationship with all life. What answers will we have to its questions about what needs to be done? What decisions will we have made?  Will we be as brave and committed as Greta Thunberg to do anything to save each other and all Earth?

We can see that Venus has humanity’s back by what is happening here in the gardens of the farm.  Venus’s return corresponds to the  focus of this year’s Venus  Garden. Each year since the early 90’s,  we have made  a Venus Garden Flower Essence combination in the Venus Garden from all the Flowers in the garden on the Autumn Equinox- one of two days in the year when light and dark are in balance..  It is always a magic day to make the Essence but never more so than this year when we have been told the very topic of the mix is BALANCE.

Venus returning into the scales of balance in the skies and in our Venus Garden the harvest of a mandala of balance.

It amazes me that so many things dovetail together like this- enormous things like the movement of the stars and planets- and small things like synchronicities in this little tiny garden.  All of it tells me we are not alone in our journey towards maturity, but mighty forces are with us.

To tap into Venus’s support in a deep way, consider looking at our Flower Essences from the Venus Garden.  We have always understood this garden to hold the highest vibration here at the farm and be the pivot point for change. The Flower Essences from this garden are immensely supportive of deep, healing transformation.  I cannot imagine my journey through life without  this garden and it’s Flower Essence gifts  including but not limited to Belerephon of the Open Door, The Alignment Garden, Don’t Worry-Bee Happy, Gratitude, The Sunflower Spiral, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, Love Prevails, Phoenix Rising and Mehera a Flower Essence I carry on my person at all times!

The white Mehera Marigolds play a key role in this year’s garden once again. Here is a photo of White Cosmos in the foreground and Mehera in the background from this morning.!