FYI A Sprinkling of Yesterday’s Emails from you!

I thought I would share a few emails from yesterday’s emails as a way to share some of the frequent questions we receive and our thoughts.

QUESTION: So we received our order! Just a couple of questions. I ordered three different bottles for my senior dog. She is 45 pounds and 15 years old. I got the Senior Citizen, Anxiety, and Flow Free.  Just curious as to how many drops per serving? Also, is it OK to combine the three at the same time? Or should they be given different times throughout the day as opposed to at the same time.  For example, should I put one formula in her water, one formula in her food, and at a different time another one on a cookie? Or can all 3 go in her breakfast?

So any recommendations you have for how many drops how many times per day per formula it would be greatly appreciated!

ANSWER: You can definitely leave the Flower Essences in three bottles but it would make things easier for you and work just as well to combine them in one bottle and give them at the same time-

I would give them a couple times a day- Because Flower Essences are information not chemical, a little bit of Flower Essences is the same as a lot. This means you do not need to use too much- a few drops, especially in water, work really well.

The size of your dog is not a factor as your animal is reading the information of the Essences for the electrical wisdom and a larger dog does not need more of this wisdom than a smaller dog. All sized animals can learn from the same small amount of Flower Essences.

You could put a few drops of the Essences in her water dish in the morning. This way your dog gets the information of the Flower Essences every time she has a drink.  If the Flower Essences do not seem to be making a difference,  more frequent exposures to the information of the Flower Essences is helpful.  Animals generally do an excellent job learning from the Essences because Essences really speak their language- the language of energy- but sometimes more frequent reminders help an animal learn the information on offer from the Flower Essence better and more quickly.

QUESTION: Would Flee Free help humans rebuff ticks?  Any other recommendations?  The ticks (wood & deer ticks) appear to be very prevalent right now where I live in the Catskill mountains  of NY.

ANOTHER VERSION OF THIS QUESTION: ( and no wonder during this buggy, wet,  cold spring in the east!)  I am looking for an all natural product for flying, biting bugs.  We live in an area with some standing water and need some way to deter the pests.  Do you have any suggestions?

ANSWER: We have two remedies that may be a great help- One called Flee Free for people and animals which helps us create a strong electrical field that rebuffs all insects and other pests. Golden Armor is the other remedy that I would use too as this helps Flee Free and also helps us keep our electrical field clear of all dissonance like pests, viruses, man made dissonance etc- These two together really are powerful!

QUESTION: My cat is very aggressive towards my other cats.  He is a rescue cat, and I have only had him for 5 months. I am told he is about 2 years old.  Can you recommend what I can give him to calm him down.

ANSWER: We do a lot of work with rescue animals so I am hopeful that we can come up with group of Flower Essences for your new cat.

Most rescues have a lot of post traumatic stress that drives a lot of their behavior- I would suggest Abandonment & Abuse for your cat as this helps unwind the trauma so that your cat can get clear that he is safely in a new life where he doesn’t need to defend himself so aggressively. Rescue cats’ wiring is all tangled from trauma, so all the signals about safety and whether they are safe get confused. This remedy helps to untangle this confused wiring.

I would also suggest Outburst to help with the aggressive behavior.  It really helps animals to discharge their fears and anxieties in a much less aggressive way.

Anxiety is also an extremely helpful Essence for rescues- It is our most popular remedy for animals and people.

The last suggestion I have is Golden Armor.  This is a very helpful one for supporting your cat to feel safe and buffered from stimulation/ man made dissonance that may be affecting your cat. The animals are having a really hard time with all the man made technology like cell towers, and this dissonance leaves them feeling raw and edgy. For a rescue cat that is already edgy, this technology adds insult to injury.

QUESTION: Hi. Is there a way to order besides online with paypal? thanks!

ANSWER: Yes! There are ordering options!  You can email us your order with your mailing address and we can send it off to you with an invoice in the box, and you can send us a check or money order as payment when you receive your order. This was our only ordering system for 25 years. We only introduced the online option to add to people’s options, but most of our orders still are done using this honor system!

QUESTION: I have a dear friend who experiences a fair amount of anxiety from time to time.  She is a flight attendant and would like to consider Golden Armor and other remedies.  She is concerned about the contents as she is subject to random drug tests and things such as poppies are of concern.

ANSWER: To receive the benefit of the Flower Essences, your flight attendant friend can carry the Essences in a pocket or rub them on her skin. She does not need to take them internally.  There is no need to take them internally as they work just as well rubbed on the skin or spritz around one’s body.  In addition, our Flower Essences do not have any chemical ingredients but red shiso which is a mint and vinegar.  No plant materials are in the remedies as they are the energetic information of the Flower but not the actual Flower. This should prevent any problems with drug testing.

I think that Golden Armor would be so excellent for your friend- I bet a lot of the anxiety she feels isn’t even her anxiety- She is just picking up all the anxiety of the passengers which as we know is considerable on airplane flights. She can email us with any questions! I’d love to support her.

QUESTION: I have a five year old Tibetan terrier who has a nasal carcinoma and has undergone four sessions of radiation.  I have also taken her for chiro and acupuncture appointments and am currently giving her some Chinese herbs.  Is there anything from GHF that you might suggest for her?

ANSWER: I am so sorry about your dear tibetan terrier- These are such wonderful dogs- The Flower Essence Sago Palm is a miraculous one for animals’ mouth and nose tumors- This is all very anecdotal, but we have seen it work wonders in all kinds of animals with all kinds of tumors in this region of the body.

QUESTION: Hi there Green Hope Farm people, I have a question concerning essences I purchased about 15 years ago : are they still effective after all this time? They sat in a medicine cabinet, quite forgotten. They were not exposed to light, being in the cabinet. Please let me know what the status is with the older essences is. I am getting ready to order 4 new essences from your company and it would be nice to still be able to use the old ones, and not have to get those new as well. I only want to use them if they are still effective of course. 🙂

ANSWER: I am sorry to say that I do not think these Essences have any information in them anymore- What happens with older Essences is that their vibrational information/energy eventually dissipates much as when one puts a hot glass of water in a cool tub this would eventually cool the hot water. This usually takes a few years with Flower Essences- faster if the Essences have sat in a heavily trafficked place where people can pull on their energies and slower when stored so carefully as you did. However, after fifteen years I would be very surprised if there was any of the energetic information in the Essence anymore- So sorry about that!

PS If they were only a couple of years old, you could ask the Angels to recharge them, and they might be able to do this- You could try this, but I am getting a strong nudge that they are too old for this technique.

QUESTION: I am actually curious about how your remedies differ from Bach Rescue Remedies which I am more familiar with ?

ANSWER: I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Bach, but I believe that if he were still with us, he would have adapted his collection and also adapted his suggestions for how  people can use his Flower Essences. The Bach organization has chosen to codify his ideas into set rules as the final word on Flower Essences. Going with these rules is like using a model T Ford manual to answer our questions about a Lexus.

Our electrical systems have evolved since the 1930’s and so has our ability to read and assimilate the information from Flower Essences, yet the Bach folks want his rules from the 1930’s to be the way everyone works with Flower Essences.  Here is one blog I wrote about this in response to people’s concern about using more than three flower Essences at a time as Dr. Bach recommended.

One aspect of our Flower Essences that may be different than the factory made Bach remedies is that the Elementals are involved in the creation of our Flower Essences from the moment we make the Essence to the moment they go out the door to you. This makes an enormous and essential difference in the caliber of the Flower Essences. In truth, there are no Essences without the Elementals transfering the electrical vibration of the Flowers into the water and because Elementals are all about energy, their advice on all aspects of making Flower Essences is very wise.

For 30 years I have been working consciously with the Elementals to do the best possible job I can do to support them in bringing forward the highest vibration Flower Essences possible. I have done this through creating gardens per their guidance and following their guidance about such things as what stabilizer to use (we use a non-alcohol base) The Elementals are essential to Flower Essences, and I try my best to support them in every way.

I am passionate about the work of the Elementals- my two most recent blogs were about them- I believe they will be key to healing Earth-  And now I step off my soap box!