Yessenia’s Baby Shower

yessenias shower _1.jpg

On Tuesday, the whole staff of Green Hope Farm gathered for a wonderful lunch in honor of Yessenia and her second baby, due in April. We had the shower now so her darling mother in law, Penny, could come. Penny was visiting from Portland, Oregon, and won’t be back until after the baby arrives. We were so happy Penny could be part of the party as she is so much fun!

I took some pictures of the whole crowd of us but the only thing you could see was bright light coming through the windows with a lot of dark blobs in front of it. We like to have parties, so I will try again to get a photo of all of us at the next event. That will probably be one of our spring birthday parties in the Arbor Garden. In this photo of Yessenia, Vicki is writing things down for Yessenia as she opens her packages. It was such a happy occasion for us to celebrate Yessenia. She has brought such good cheer, love, and sparkle into our midst.

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