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Dear Friends,

Much high vibrational light energy pours into our planet, and this light wants to flow through us!

What is the point of all this light? It’s here to help us let go of everything we don’t need. It peels away all that no longer serves us. Think of it as cleansing us of all personality detritus so our eternal selves can shine.

Yes, yes, I know! It’s difficult to let go, even of stuff we don’t need. Thembi’s ability to let her entire household burn to the ground then calmly look to a new life with faith, joy, optimism and a sense of humor is something I can only aspire to.

Additionally, it is challenging to remain nonreactive to all that the light stirs up and releases in ourselves and others. Like scum that comes to the top of a soup pot when the soup comes to a simmer, the stuff rising up within us just needs to be removed from the soup without a lot of judgment.

This time last year the Angels designed a garden that would result in the Flower Essence mix Equanimity.


This Angelic planning gives me hope. The process of removing the scum from the soup pot is a yucky process, and the more cool, calm collected and kind we can be about it the better. The Angels forethought to help us create an Essence for staying cool, calm, collected and kind reminds me that the Flowers and the Angels are ever with us in their unconditional support. They know what we need before we even know we need it!

As the soup scum rises for all humanity, we see mixed results.  Some use the incoming light to purify their soup and shine their light while others remain bogged down, electrically overheating and short circuiting.

The Angels frequently remind me that we can never know who will blossom suddenly, take to the light and let go into a full expression of their eternal selves. It seems best not to peg anyone into a corner as a Flower that will never bloom. We will all bloom someday!


Like reality TV, the drama of those electrically short circuiting can be compelling, but this drama is a red herring for many reasons. Our work is not to process how others are reacting to all this incoming light but to focus on letting the light enter our electrical systems and flow through us unimpeded. This is our way to release everything that needs to be released.

In this information age, we often get shamed for not paying attention to what is going on around us. I would respond to that by saying worldly affairs are not what is going on around us but a result of what is going on within us. The light is what is going on, not the scum that is being released from the soup.

I say, if it feels like too much to pay attention to all the “news”, its okay to not to tune in. If we focus on becoming our most light filled selves, the rest will take care of itself. Out of a felt experience of being light, we will illuminate the world. Our own self is the place where we have the most impact and will make the biggest difference.

To put it another way, (as I so often do) overwhelming ourselves with data about how others are reacting to the incoming light is not job one. Whenever I forget this, the Angels remind me to focus more on grounding this light than on examining anyone else’s soup scum.

When I mentioned to a friend this Angelic guidance, this friend felt concerned the Angels’ advice meant abandoning our responsibilities to others. I wasn’t sure how to answer this concern. Then another friend chimed in by noting that grounding the light energy first in ourselves before addressing the upheavals around us was like the directive on airplane flights to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first before helping those around us. This was a very helpful analogy.

Before I leave the topic of the drama around us, I want to mention an explanation I received in guidance during a stretch when my personal life had exploded. I was reminded that if any of us walked into the middle of an open heart surgery, it would look like a disaster with the promise of a dire outcome ahead- Chest cavity CUT OPEN! Blood! Clamps! Tubes! People with robes spattered with God knows what! You know what I mean…

Yet the appearance is not the reality. Surgery has a process and takes us in a healing direction. Things appear worse than they were before the surgery began, but this is not so. We find ourselves in dramatic times. We are mid-surgery. It looks like a mess, but the surgery is not over.

In addition to the frequent Angelic guidance to focus on grounding the incoming high vibration energy and not much else, the Angels also suggest we slow down and not just a little bit but a lot.


In the quiet of a much slower pace, we can better intuit how to manage all the electrical changes we are navigating, as well as figure out how to more smoothly engage with the world. We also need space and unstructured time so our overtaxed electrical systems can recover between downloads of incoming light.

Like most processes in nature, the incoming light energy does not arrive in one steady flow but in waves. The more we can rest and restore ourselves between light baths, the easier it is to welcome the energy and let it flow through us completely.

The Angels also suggest we release set plans and habits and embrace the practice of improvisation.


In less dynamic eras, patterns and habits could remain the same for long periods of time. However everything is currently in a state of rapid change. This means that holding fast to schedules, routines, habits and patterns that used to work may not serve us. When we stay open to going with the flow, unexpected plot changes can be more easily managed and solutions better than anything we have tried before can be presented to us and embraced.

The fact is that the light pouring into us encourages improvisation and makes holding fast to stuck patterns very difficult. Letting go and going with the flow is our way forward.

In addition to letting go, we need more time in our hearts, the one place that is grounded in the immutable and eternal. It’s a place of solace and rest from the change process and a place where we can access comfort, reassurance and guidance from the indivisible Divinity that is our true identity.


Flower Essences are the pure vibrational wisdom of Flowers. They have been freed of everything that does not serve. They are the pure light, the Essence that remains after being washed clean. This is one reason why they are such good role models for us right now, as we too are called to shed old layers, release everything that no longer serves our light and be the shining light we are.

As always with Flower Essences, there are no wrong Essences to work with. They all offer wisdom. So trust your own sense of which Essences are calling to you. The Heart Gardeners All blog from last December offered suggestions for these times. Here are some other Flower Essences that have cropped up frequently in the last few weeks.  The waves of interest in these Flower Essence friends reminds us that we all know what we need and we all are working on this project together!


Calceolaria– This Patagonian gem offers support to weather the storm of difficult times. It does so by helping us anchor in the immense reservoir of pure knowing and pure compassion within us.

Flower from the Gardens of Taormina– This beloved Flower Essence from Sicily helps us accept what is and isn’t meant to be. It also helps us have confidence that the divine order of our situation will be more apparent as we move forward.

The Letting Go Flower– Another Flower Essence friend from Sicily, this beloved Essence helps us release what no longer serves even when what needs to be released are old ties and relationships that we once held dear.


The Water Lily Trio– These three Flowers grow in the emotional matrix of water.  They remain rooted to what is eternal and let everything else wash over them.  They support us to be cleansed and then illuminate our shining, eternal core self.

Celandine– This Flower Essence has been flying out of here since the New Year.  It’s wonderful for all aspects of communication including cell to cell communication. It has a very distinct clarifying wisdom which is much needed right now.


Chilean Firebush– Holy Cow is this one ever relevant!  I am so glad your ordering choices of late called it to my attention- It’s all about helping us let go of mental loops and limitations, stuck ideas and anything that interferes with our experience of expansive infinite intelligence!  Yahoo!


Bleeding Heart Vine– This has proven the most popular of the Taiwan Flower Essences so far and no wonder as it helps expedite the release process of all negativity! Don’t be surprised if you get a serious nudge to work with this one.  It is a WONDER!


Alex Mackenzie Rose -The Flower Essence to reach for when we need to find the courage of our convictions.

Water Hyacinth– Helps us experience all emotions as helpful information to be understood and released. An enormous support for accepting what is and how we feel about it with kindness towards ourselves.

Redwood-In a nutshell, this Flower Essence offers us the gift of perspective.


Musk Thistle– Like the smoothing of ruffled feathers, Musk Thistle moves through our subtle bodies to restore order after any big emotional, mental or spiritual release in the physical body.