We Got Hacked!

Dear friends!  So sorry about the strange blog posts that were here a few minutes ago- We got hacked, and someone put up a bunch of very odd posts.  I think I found and deleted them all.  Let us know at green.hope.farm@valley.net if you find any that I missed or more crop up.  Thank you!

This weekend as I weeded the gardens, slugs were a particular preoccupation.  Our Irish type weather with its wet, cold and overcast conditions has brought out the slugs in full force.

In particular, the slugs are feasting on the baby Flowers. No surprise there. If I was a slug I would like the tender baby plants too.  But those are for the wedding NOT the slugs, so I am patrolling non-stop.

Most growing seasons it is enough to lean on an organic product of iron coated in sugar called Slugo.  In theory the slugs eat the Slugo pellets and then die. This year Slugo seems to be a snack that whets their appetites.  Removing slugs by hand has become necessary. I find slug slime a particularly unpleasant part of handling slugs.  It just doesn’t wash off.

Hackers feel like the equivalent of garden slugs. They are the reason we don’t have a comment section on the blog.  We couldn’t keep up with weeding out the slug spam in amongst your lovely and genuine feedback, so we can’t post any of it. But we all love your written letters to us and the emails you send to the green.hope.farm@valley.net address.  Thank you for the ones today alerting us to the online slugs.

Now it’s back out into the gardens to wrestle with a few hundred more of the outside slugs.