Report from the Clothesline

I have a lovely group of email conversations with you all that I would like to post but sadly I am a bit too disorganized to get these up. Frankly, all my spare time is all tied up down at the clothesline because…….the dryer is still on the fritz, and the hoards of guests here at Hotel New Hampshire are still churning out wet laundry at an alarming rate.

So what pearly gems have come to me as I linger at my clothesline post and embrace the Zen of Laundry?

1. There is something about hanging laundry that makes me inspect it more closely than I inspect the stuff coming out of a dryer. In particular, I have faced the hard truth that my dishcloths are pathetic shreds and should be destroyed. As in RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Instead, I wash and hang them to dry on what seems like a daily basis. Someone needs to save me from myself and my Yankee frugality.

2. You can live or die on a good clothespin.

3. Laundry games never get old.


4. There is a crap clothespin out there that breaks every minute and no one really cares.

5. A close person relationship with the Sears man does not mean a repaired appliance.

6. There were reasons people ironed more before clothes dryers.

7. If the many people living here at the farm don’t like wrinkled clothes, they can learn how to iron too.

8. It is deeply satisfying to see grown men hang laundry.

9. The Sears man thinks I am up to installing a circuit board whenever it arrives from East Transnistria or North Turkmenistan or wherever it is coming from. St Jim is on a well deserved trip to Scotland to play golf with some old friends. Practically as his plane took off he was still exhorting me to wait until he returned to install the circuit board. I got this feeling he did not share the Sears man’s confidence in my electrical skills and hoped I will wait until he comes home to put in the circuit board. I don’t know why he is worrying about this instead of worrying about the rough on the second hole at Dornoch because there is no chance this circuit board will arrive this week this month this summer.

10. St Jim, if you are reading this post, please purchase some twee little dishcloths with Thistles all over them in every gift shoppe you stumble over and that should be many a shoppe . I will promise not to test my electrical skills on the dryer if you promise to bring me this loot.