Winter Buttercup from the Austrian Alps

The ski coach frantically texted Vicki, “Where are you? You’re going to miss the plane!”

Vicki ignored the texts and kept running higher and higher into the Tyrolean Alps. She WOULD find that Flower calling to her before catching the plane back to America.

As she ran, Vicki felt the Flower itself was giving her the perseverance to come find it. Up the mountain she went, her cell phone buzzing in her back pocket.

The higher Vicki climbed the smaller the village of Juns appeared below her and the more panoramic the view of the Hintertux glacier, but Vicki was not there to take in the view. She was on a mission. She would not rest until she found the Flower. She had seen it on an earlier trek, blooming in the snow, but she worried that a snowstorm the night before might have finally put an end to its brave display in a winter landscape.

At long last, there it was. The Buttercup lifted its face from the snow, its brilliant yellow defying the odds, its sweet strong voice calling to Vicki loudly that it wanted to be made into a Flower Essence. Vicki crouched down beside the Flower and began.

Meanwhile down in the valley, the ski coach was flipping his lid. Green Hope Farm farm staff goddess Vicki had come of the ski trip as a math and science tutor for a collection of high school skiers. It was a break from her life in a dorm of fifty teenage boys and a chance to visit the Austrian Alps. Each dark December night she had held her scholar athletes’ noses to their computers. But each day, while her charges skied the Hintertux glacier, she hiked the mountains to her heart’s content. All had gone smoothly until now, for in this particular moment there was not a lot of harmony between her and the ski coach. Over and over again the coach texted, “WHERE ARE YOU?”

For goodness sake! She was BUSY! She had important work to do. The ski team and the plane would just have to wait!!!!

And so we received this lovely Flower Essence kindness of Vicki- and yes they made the plane!

Vicki found this Buttercup blooming in snowy Alps in the middle of December. It is significant that the Flower is a Buttercup. They are a Flower of Midsummer Night’s Eve. Buttercup’s affirmation is, I AM the eternal light of summer. And this Buttercup expressed this truth in a profound way, shining its light way beyond the season of a summer wildflower. It was still blooming just days before the Winter Solstice!

Since this Buttercup Flower Essence’s safe arrival back to Green Hope Farm, it has been supporting us to persevere through our long winter. It has helped us hold our light in dark times. Already the Angels have suggested it for many of you when circumstances in your life press in and you need support to be hold your light and feel the light of summer within you even as wintry events flood your life.

Today, Winter Buttercup from the Austrian Alps joins our collections ready for one and all. Thank’s to its clear strong voice and Vicki’s inner listening, perseverance AND willingness to put a Flower above a plane schedule, we have this Flower Essence ready for you all!