A GHF Friend Shares the Story of her Beloved Cat’s Death


Over the last three decades, you have shared many stories of the deaths of your animal friends. Not a day passes when those of us in the office aren’t moved by what you share.

Your stories remind me again and again to be open to the unique choices each of our beloveds make as they face this transition. Your stories have helped me bear witness to the deaths of beloveds with an open heart and faith in my own sense of how to proceed, knowing that each animal has a different plan and needs our help in different ways. Any ideas of right or wrong have been washed away by the vast diversity of sacred deaths you have shared with us. Thank you for this.

Yesterday’s mail brought a tale I want to share with all of you. Before I do, I want to say a little bit about our Transition remedy mentioned in the email and used by so many beloved animals and people since its creation in the mid-nineties.

We get many questions about our Transition remedy most notably, “Will Transition make an animal (or person) die sooner or in a certain way?”

The Transition remedy is an offering of Flower support no matter what path the death takes. It helps a beloved finish up any life business they wish to take care of. It helps them with the sometimes arduous process of dying. It helps ease them out of their bodies. It neither speeds up the process or controls it in any way. The moment a beloved dies is ever between the beloved and divinity.

Transition is a remedy that defies definition offering assistance from wise beings in an often mysterious and hard to pin down way. Transition helps with the passage through death but doesn’t suggest what this passage should be. In all deaths there is grace, and thanks to the Angels and Elementals who created and hold this remedy in form for all of us, Transition adds to this grace.

As I reflect on the many cats, dogs, friends and other beloveds I have been privileged to support as they die, I am grateful to both this remedy and to your stories. So here is one from yesterday, shared with permission.

“I can’t believe I am just getting around to sending this letter of gratitude. I just really wanted you to know how helpful the Transition and Grief & Loss essences were while my sweet sweet heart-cat was doing her dance with death last November. She was very insistent from the moment that her health started to decline that she wanted no extreme measures and that she knew “how to die,” so wished for me to release any worries about medical interventions and decisions that my heart would have never been able to make. When I knew the end was getting near (3 or 4 days before she took her last breath) I made up a little dropper bottle with both Transition and Grief & Loss in some water. She stopped drinking water on her own but would gladly take sips from the dropper bottle with these sweet essences. We would take them together as we both did the work of letting go, in our same but different ways. Her passing was graceful, easy and heart-breakingly beautiful. I continued to take the essences from the bottle I made for both of us for a few days after she passed. And have since placed the bottle with the small amount that was left with her Urn in memorial. The essences made this experience possible, bearable, and special for both of us.

About 45 minutes after she took that last breath, it was about 10 pm, and my partner and I collapsed in bed, exhausted from the work of the day. As we took a few deep breaths ourselves, 3 owls showed up at our bedroom window. This had never happened before and hasn’t happened since. They weren’t calling out with their great loud voices, they were conversing with each other and the spirit of our sweet Nami. They stayed about 60 seconds, we could hear their wings rustling the leaves as they sat in the tree right outside our window, making the sweetest little owl noises that only we could hear—our neighbors had no recollection of hearing owls that night. Then they all took off together. When you say that the Transition essence combo helps a pet connect to the spirits necessary for crossing over, I didn’t fully understand what that meant, until that moment. When I witnessed my sweet girl call in her guardian angels/helpers/guides for a joy ride to the other side.”