Muggles on Day Three

Today, the Green Hope Muggles kept reading,


with some breaks to make Sweet Pea Flower Essence from the Venus Garden,

and pack up the day’s orders with lots of discussion as we packed about what we have all read so far.

Deb stayed up until one am last night reading and Emily until almost midnight so they had to muster very good poker faces for the rest of us.

Here Emily practices the “media blackout” look which tells her mother nothing about what is happening on page 478.

Now, with the UPS man come and gone with all the packages for you dear folks, we have scattered to our various homes with our copies to keep on reading. A nice soft rain is falling. I will settle in with a dog or two and a cup of tea and catch up to Emily….. only she has disapparated with her copy therefore making it unlikely I will catch up to her.

Thank goodness she inherited her father’s poker face (good) instead of mine ( very, very poor).

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