The Water Elementals Need our Help


Right now, the Water Elementals are asking for our love and help.

Water Elementals hold the waters of Earth in form and clean these waters.

I asked the Water Elementals to tell us what we can do to help them. This is what they said,

“Please send love, focused love.

Ask us to cleanse and clear the waters around you and the waters of Earth. Your requests free us to do more cleansing.

Love water each time you drink a glass of water or interact with water in any way. Thank the water and thank us for the water. We asked for this thanks not because we need the love (though we do feel beleaguered), but because your love can transform the situation to the betterment of all.

Love and gratitude. Love and gratitude.

When you love and thank water and love and thank us Elementals who caretake the water, YOU clean the water. Your love is transformative.

If everyone just thanked the water they drank, they washed in, they flushed down the toilet and they enjoyed each day, the issues confronting water would turn around on a dime.

That is the power of your intention and your love.

Please make this thanks and love a habit. Please encourage others to do so as well.

Right now, much rides in the balance. The Pacific basin is in dire straits because of the situation from Fukashima. Sadly, this is just the worst instance of an all consuming poisoning in progress on this planet. All over Earth, water is being used as the dumping zone for poisons.

Your love can change this. All is not lost. In the seemingly small moments of your love and gratitude, ALL can and will change.

We represent the creative force of water, an expression of unity and oneness. In your focused love to the water in your life, you will see in action the power of yourself in oneness. Despair not. Just love.”