Project Man, his Spouse and Son

Sunday afternoon and Project Man was busy…….

Yup…..He’s home for the summer……… This means his nail belt is seeing serious action. Here’s a shot of May May in her supervisory role while Jim works on project uno, a renovation of the woodshed.

We’ll put the firewood under this new shed roof so that Jim can make the woodshed into storage space. I am excited because I figure this woodshed roof will be a great place for a couple of big flowering vines or climbing Roses. Jim is excited because he’ll have space for the lawnmower and won’t have to move four hundred of my garden related items to get it in and out of its space as is the case now.

On the other side of the gardens……

Ben has begun to get his test grapes from the pots where we have been growing them the last year into the ground. He’s building the needed post and wire structures for the grapes to be trained on as he goes, so it is taking awhile to do.

Meanwhile, this project fervor rubbed off on me and I went to the barn overhang to make more of a mess on top of Jim’s lawnmower. I hoped to assemble a few new beehives in case we get any swarms and need more hives. I got a little fancy on myself ordering some new hive parts.

Some of these parts, like these slatted bottom boards that give the bees more ventilation in the hive and makes them like their bottom hive body better, went together well.

Some not so well. Here below directions mentioning pieces I did not seem to have show off bent nails and wrecked wood from my many attempts to assemble these hive tops.


After several hours fighting with the directions and strangely mismatched pieces for the telescoping hive tops, I left project man and son to hold down the projects on the farm and beat a retreat to a chair in the garden to read a book. May May even came off shift to join me. She too had had enough of Sunday projects.

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