Teddy’s Blueberry Buckle Recipe

Here is the requested recipe for Teddy’s Blueberry Buckle- There are a lot of great Teddy recipes and Teddy stories in the Cookbook.

Teddy was part of the farm from the beginning. When we broke ground for our farmhouse in 1987, Teddy helped us clean out the foundation hole. She was wearing persimmon colored cashmere because, even when you are shoveling out a big hole in the ground, you need to look GLAMOROUS!

Teddy was in the thick of everything at the farm for several decades. Her job in the office was to label all the bottles AND kept us all in yummy snacks. She did both with great panache!


Happy New Year one and all. Here at the farm we are bracing for Storm Hercules. Time will tell if this name was appropriate! Love and Blessings! Molly