The New Essences Keep Talking

The Angels work so literally and they also work so metaphorically- This is very true of their definitions of the Flower Essences.

Sometimes I forget exactly how literal as well as metaphorical their work is.
I never expect the Spanish Inquisition. It is one of my defining characteristics- I am always surprised by what everyone else seems to have expected forever.

Maybe this is a good cluelessness. This summer, for example, it was probably best not to know that test driving LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT both as a Flower garden and as an Essence was going to take me beyond the theoretical practice of detachment to a fair share of leaving it as well. This was what the Angels literally said about the Essence and the garden, but me, I expected it to be a metaphorical experience. I will spare you the gnarly details of the literal losing game of this season but at this point, I am feeling glad I still have my head attached. Some days I felt that might be lost as well!

All in all, when it comes to what the Angels have to say about each new Flower Essence, the descriptions are packed with literal and metaphorical specifics I only see in retrospect.

What often happens is one of you calls to ask for help with specific issues. When the Angels suggest Flower Essence old timers in our collection like Borage, I feel a sigh of recognition and understanding. I have been thinking about Borage and working with Borage for thirty years. I usually grasp why they made the suggestion.

When the Angels suggest the new Essences, I go to reread the definitions to see why the Angels suggested these Essences. This helps me learn the new Flower Essences’ nuances.

Additionally, as we share the new Essences, I find out other things I need to add to the definitions to keep up what I am learning about the Essence from you, your experiences and insights, from my own experience of taking the Essence and from new information the Angels give me as you ask questions.

The good news is that no matter how far short my initial grasp of the Essences falls or how flawed my initial translation of what the Angels say into words, it doesn’t seem to stop any of you from going with your own guidance and intuition and gut feelings about what you need. You all seize the day- or in this case, seize the Essences!

It is such a reminder to me of every person’s wisdom in regards to Flower Essences and every person’s oneness with the divinity of creation.

Here are two examples from yesterday to explain what I mean about learning more about these new Essence friends.

For a young man feeling extremely deflated as well as isolated by a life lived largely playing computer games, the Angels suggested some tried and true Essences including Alignment Garden and All Ego Contracts Null and Void.

The Angels also suggested the new Colorado Essence Astragalus to help him lift up and out of his preoccupation with these games. I love how the Angels describe Astragalus as loosening the hold temporal pleasures have on us so we can experience more deeply our spiritual identity. Yup, we ALL got one!

How wonderful that the Essence doesn’t just help us break free from one compulsive activity to take up another, but moves us towards a connection with the eternal verities of our being. This seems to me much like cutting the Gordian knot.

The Angels also suggested Woad to help him find a new purpose beyond computer games and a state of mind beyond the blues.
I also loved that the Angels wanted him to consider the Hummingbird Garden to help him find a bead on expressing his creativity and his dreams with passion and confidence.


Each generation faces new challenges, and I am grateful that the Angels and the twenty somethings here are bringing forward support for today’s young people. I can’t understand exactly what they face, but the Angels know and the twenty somethings here are also on the job searching for just the right Flowers to help.

For a young woman struggling with an eating disorder, the isolation this brings and her harsh self judgments, there were a number of suggestions from the core of our collection but the New Essence suggestions included Woad again, Sneezeweed, Redwood, Queen of the Night, Fragrant Ladies Tresses and Pink Pillar Rose and the Hummingbird Garden.

You have already read about my love of Woad, but I still find it worth mentioning AGAIN that this Essence is proving a very versatile source of support. Here, I think it offers the same thing it offered the young man: support to find a new purpose beyond starving herself and also help to soak up the light, wisdom and sunshine within her situation so she can release her blues and come in touch with her true blue self. This Essence is all about radical transformation.

Sneezeweed was a straightforward offering to help her with her pressurized self-judgment, an almost allergic reaction to self that has her in a self destructive pattern of choices.

Redwood is cropping up for just about everyone. It helps the old feel young beneath their weathered bark. It helps the young feel grounded and know the fiber of their beings. Redwood’s gifts just don’t stop. Maybe this multitude of strengths is because Redwood has such practice in holding itself in form. Whatever the reason, it is a dynamo. Here, I feel it offers to solidify this woman’s experience of herself in a body in a positive way, a strengthening and sheltering way.

Queen of the Night lights the path forward with a laser beam of illumination. With this light she gives us courage to keep moving through the dark places on our path. This light also helps us pinpoint exactly what is distressing us. In the nights of our lives, so much is mysterious, but she illuminates our way forward as a flashlight in the pitch dark. Sometimes the brilliant illumination of a narrow beam is all it takes to go forward. I hope it will support this woman to leave behind the dark place of her eating disorder.

Fragrant Ladies Tresses brings comfort, “I am not so much a promise of how resolution will look but I am a promise that resolution will arise.” Is there anything more important than knowing this? That mighty forces WILL come to our aid? I am not sure there is.

A favorite new Rose in our gardens this year was Pink Pillar Rose. I like the way the Angels talk about this Rose, “obsessive, fanatical or unbalanced emotional attachment to another person, an idea or an activity can become softened and transformed into a balanced, centered and creative love with the support of Pink Pillar Rose.” There is something in this Rose that acknowledges the wisdom gained from suffering through our imbalances. It helps us see that what we’ve learned leads naturally to deeper self kindness and self love.

This is a gentle and loving Rose friend but also a strong one. That’s almost always the thing about Roses; they are so loving and offer such total support but they are tough and don’t mess around about their calling. They stick to their loving intentions immune to anyone hassling them and show us the way to do the same.


No surprise another twenty something would benefit from the Hummingbird Garden.
So even in these two instances, the new Flower Essences showed their versatility, joining the ranks of so many Flowers and Essences offering their healing loving wisdom to us all.