The New Flower Essences for 2013!!!

In 2012 Green Hope Farm’s New Flower Essences focused on fine-tuning our upper chakras for radical change by improving our ability to receive and integrate higher vibrations. These Essences help us to stay in sync with the planet’s rising vibration.

Green Hope Farm’s 2013 New Flower Essences support us to take our tuned up vibrational systems out for a spin to clarify and deepen our spiritual work on the planet. Many of this year’s New Flower Essences are about process and using our increased vibrational wisdom in concrete ways. These Essences signal a planetary shift from preparation to action.
I’ve given short definitions for all the new introductions followed by longer definitions for these new ones so you can more quickly sort out which ones are calling to you. The photos of the Flowers are with the longer definitions.

Many of our New Flower Essences this season are Colorado Wildflower Essences. Made at an elevation of 10,000 feet, these Colorado Wildflowers come from near the town of Blue River in Summit County, Colorado. We have Alli Howe to thank for these superb new Wildflower Essences.

Not surprisingly for a collection made at such high altitudes, this group of Wildflower Essences offers roadmaps for enhanced perspective, clarity and discernment. The group also shows us how to work clean energetically especially during and after conflict. Most importantly for these times, the group helps us feel the underpinnings of the eternal on the higher slopes of the spiritual path.

Alpine Forget-Me-NotEritrichum areteum Discernment about what is our spiritual business and what is not. I AM balanced love in action.

Alpine PennycressNoccaea montana Experiencing life from a big picture point of view. I AM a clear experience of divine truth.

AstragalusAstragalus alpinus Pulls us out of mucky swamps of temporary pursuits and pleasures to ground in eternal identity. I AM the only real thing.

Blue PenstemonPenstemon In arguments, helps us be silent when our impulse is to say something to prove we are right. When we do speak, it helps us speak from our common divinity versus from an illusory place of separation and conflict.
I AM a constructive and meaningful participant in all dialogs.

Colorado Native RoseRosa woodsii Trust in where our spiritual path takes us.
I AM in the expansive embrace of the eternal.

Fairy Trumpet Ipomopsis aggregata Support from the Elementals to experience the elemental, grounded, ordered, eternal underpinnings beneath chaotic events.
I AM grounded amidst chaos.

Fendler GroundselPackera fendleri By firing along the electrical circuits that connect us to each other, Fendler Groundsel helps us be less reactive to new allergens as well as new ideas or people who push our buttons.
I AM unity consciousness.

Musk ThistleCarduus nutans
Like the smoothing of ruffled feathers, Musk Thistle moves through our subtle bodies to restore order after any big emotional, mental or spiritual release in the physical body. I AM the restoration of all my electrical circuitry.

Shrubby CinquefoilPentaphylloides floribunda
Clarity, common sense, a sturdy sense of practicality and resolve, even a sense of humor on the spiritual path. I AM on my way. Nothing can stop me now.

SneezeweedHymenoxys hoopesii
Helps alleviate sinus related issues, harsh self-judgment, pressure filled expectations. I AM a release from all self-loathing. I AM at peace with who I AM.

Whiskbroom ParsleyHarbouria trachypleura
I AM the clear flow of all electrical data throughout my energy system.

RedwoodSequoia sepervirens
The immense and palpable vibrational love and support of Redwood, helpful for shattered families or those in need of strong support from a mother or father figure or wise elder. Helps us know the temporary quality of our troubles and anchors us in the eternal love we will always exist in.
I AM the Peace you seek from the Time before Time.

Sweet AnnieArtemesia annua
Strong support to wake up and know I AM one with God.

ArtichokeCynara cardunculus
Sanctuary to feel what we feel, opens a space for natural resolution of conflict to occur. In all my relationships I AM anchored in restorative love and truth.

Beyond Lyme- The Angels of Green Hope Farm’s combination Flower Essence remedy for Lyme disease and the spiritual threshold it represents for humanity of moving beyond the illusion of other.

Climbing New Dawn RoseRosa New Dawn Helps us know the eternal reality of love that is the matrix and evolutionary force within everything.
I AM the New Life eternal.

Fragrant Ladies TressesSpiranthes odorata
Support to surrender everything into divinity’s hands thus allowing the grace of divinity to arise and bring resolution. I AM Grace.

The Hummingbird Garden– A mix made from an amazing garden, this one encourages bold choices and a joyful embrace of what grows when we plant our dreams. Especially supportive for the current generation of twenty-somethings.

Love It and Leave It– This year’s Venus Garden combination remedy supports us to give our lives our all yet not take the results so seriously. Helps us experience the happiness that comes when we understand no outcome defines us. Supports us to find the eternal and immutable in the momentary and passing and let go of the rest.

Pink Pillar RoseRosa Pink Pillar
Support to transform obsessive, fanatical or unbalanced emotional into balanced, centered and creative love. I AM Love untarnished.

Queen of the NightTrichocereus pachanoi
A very wise ally, Queen of Night illuminates where we are and helps us navigate forward across any terrain no matter how dark, forbidding or tangled.
I AM the way forward.

Woad Isatis tinctoria
Lifts us from the blues and helps us soak up the light, supports us to find new purpose when a former purpose has been lost. I AM Light pure, bright and true blue.


Alpine Forget-Me-Not-
Eritrichum areteum
Alpine Forget-Me-Not helps us discern what is God’s business, what’s someone else’s business and what is our own business so we can move through the world with both kindness and appropriateness. An excellent remedy for those of us who are focused on spiritual service and who want to serve in the most helpful way possible but find ourselves bogged down in the confusions and expectations of culture, religion or habit. This one helps us be clear in each now what we are meant to do and what we need to let go off.
I AM balanced love in action.


Alpine PennycressNoccaea montana
The point is always spiritual no matter how bogged down in the material plane events seem to be. Alpine Pennycress wakes us up to this truth in a clear crisp way. Imagine seeing the planet from outer space. We would know it was more than just an accumulation of petty details and dramas. We would experience it as a big picture place. This is the wisdom of Alpine Pennycress.
I AM a clear experience of divine truth.


AstragalusAstragalus alpinus
Also known as Locoweed, Astagalus is used extensively as a medicinal herb for many immune related issues. As a Flower Essence it loosens the hold that temporary pleasures have on us, thus releasing us to experience more deeply our eternal spiritual identity. Its energetic movement is a very strong upward force, pulling us up into the light and out of mucky energetic swamps that entangle and bog us down. This upward force helps us keep focused on spiritual reality not lose ourselves in illusionary pursuits and pleasures.
I AM the only real thing.


Blue PenstemonPenstemon
A compromise between two individuals or groups who see things differently often occurs when everyone participates in a genuine exchange versus an exchange that uses mind ideas to further prove one’s point. Blue Penstemon helps us to speak from a genuine place so that the relationship or situation moves forward towards compromise. Blue Penstemon also helps us curb our tongues if we are tempted to say something just to establish we are right. The Essence accomplishes these two tasks by calming and aligning our fifth chakra energies so we speak from the place of oneness we all share: our common divinity.
I AM a constructive and meaningful participant in all dialogs.


Colorado Native RoseRosa woodsii
This Rose helps us trust even relax into the flow of our spiritual path no matter the unexpected or unlikely twists it takes. It helps us have an unshakeable confidence in our oneness with divinity throughout any upheavals and during times when our individual path takes us off the beaten course to unfamiliar terrain.
I AM in the expansive embrace of the eternal.


Fairy TrumpetIpomopsis aggregata
This Flower Essence is a particular gift of the Elemental kingdom and offers their roadmap for experiencing the elemental, grounded, ordered, eternal underpinnings beneath chaotic events.
I AM grounded amidst chaos.


Fendler Groundsel Packera fendleri
Fendler Groundsel has two different but interrelated strengths. It will help us be less reactive to new allergens so consider this one if a new allergic reaction crops up. It also facilitates any meeting of the minds by helping us to be less reactive to new ideas, different ways of looking at a situation or people that push our buttons. Fendler Groundsel helps us feel connected to each other during conflict with individuals or groups by actually firing and illuminating the electrical circuits that connect us to each other. It is an excellent remedy for any kind of group working on a joint endeavor and dramatically helps when consensus is necessary to achieve the desired result.
I AM unity consciousness.


Musk Thistle
Carduus nutans
Musk Thistle improves the cleansing and restoration of our electrical fields after energetic work or a deep release of old traumas from our physical body. The physical body reflects everything we think, feel or know. It’s the physical storage bin for all our mental ideas, feelings and spiritual tangles as well as strengths. But these thoughts, feelings and spiritual strengths and weaknesses exist in our subtle bodies as well. These emotional, mental and memory subtle bodies are interpenetrating electrical systems that overlap and extend out from our physical body. When a release in the physical happens either intentionally during healing work or because some event has triggered a release, all our subtle bodies are called into play. This Essence helps calm and clear the physical body after a release and also helps the subtle bodies to clear and restore all connectivity. This one works almost like the smoothing of ruffled feathers, moving through our subtle bodies to restore order after any big emotional, mental or spiritual release in the physical body.
I AM the restoration of all my electrical circuitry.


Shrubby Cinquefoil- Pentaphylloides floribunda
The spiritual path can get murky, and sometimes we can get lost or sidetracked on trails that lead nowhere. This Essence helps us discern the wisest path for our feet to take and helps us proceed on this path with common sense, a sturdy sense of practicality and resolve, even a sense of humor.
I AM on my way. Nothing can stop me now.


Sneezeweed- Hymenoxys hoopesii
Especially good for sinus related issues and any situation in which we judge ourselves harshly or lay upon ourselves pressure filled expectations.
I AM a release from all self-loathing. I AM at peace with who I AM.


Whiskbroom ParsleyHarbouria trachypleura
A very thorough cleanser for all electrical circuits both the nervous system in our physical body and the circuitry in our subtle bodies.
I AM the clear flow of all electrical data throughout my energy system.

We have Diane Chira to thank for these wonderful Flower Essences from the Navarro River region in northern California.

Redwood- Sequoia sepervirens
Redwood Essence helps us open and receive the complete restorative extremely wise and consoling love of the Redwoods. It is deeply healing for those from shattered families or those in need of strong support from a mother or father figure or wise elder. It offers its strength to the fiber of our beings. Redwood Essence helps us feel lifted from our present concerns into a timeless overview that reveals to us the temporary quality of our troubles and the eternal love we will always exist in. This Essence is a doorway through the illusory temporal world to an experience of the eternal now.
I AM the Peace you seek from the Time before Time.

No Redwoods were disturbed during the making of this Redwood Essence, but much time was spent working with the Redwoods to make this Essence. As with all Flower Essences, the participation of the Elementals and Angels- the divinity in Nature- was necessary for the Essence to exist and we thank the divinity in the Redwoods for this Essence.

Sweet Annie Artemesia annua
Until God realization, we are all in the fog about who we are. Sweet Annie works like a foghorn to awaken us to the truth that we always were, are and will be one with God. The dominant fragrance of this plant smacks one in the face. In a similar vein, the effect of this Flower Essence is to wipe out other impressions so as to clear the way for a full experience of our divinity.
I AM one with God.



ArtichokeCynara cardunculus
Artichoke is a gorgeous Flower of thousands of violet filaments contained within a rim of protective thistle leaves. Its Flower Essence echoes the Flower’s balance of protective sanctuary and expansive self-knowledge.

After conflict or betrayal, there can be a lot of outside pressures to get over it and move on. Artichoke gives us the emotional space to feel what we feel and know what we know separate from these pressures. By creating this sanctuary, Artichoke helps us find resolution or closure from a place of natural flow. Whether this eventually brings a reconciliation between involved parties depends on who else is involved, but Artichoke helps us get clear about appropriate boundaries moment to moment as our own feelings about the situation evolve. Furthermore, Artichoke helps us trust the natural order of things with an electrical wisdom that neither pushes us towards a pressured and false forgiveness nor supports us to stay closed off because of old wounds.

If reconciliation is possible, Artichoke brings confidence to this process, oftentimes revealing the way to genuine reconciliation even in unlikely circumstances. Artichoke knows that reconciliation can come naturally when not imposed on a situation from without. With the support of Artichoke, the relationship can be rebuilt if appropriate without coercion or false emotion.

In all my relationships I AM anchored in restorative love and truth.


Beyond Lyme– The Angels’ combination remedy for those dealing with Lyme disease and all of us working to cross the threshold to unity consciousness, a state of being in which the idea of “other” is dismantled, and we are free from any illusions that self and self interest do not encompass all beings. A longer explanation of this dynamic mix is available on our website and in a handout we are happy to send to you by email or in the mail. Of course, a copy of the handout is included with any order of this Flower Essence mix.


Climbing New Dawn Rose
Rosa New Dawn
Help us to keep the bead on the spiritual verities of evolution and change versus the disharmony that clamors so much louder but which is actually so much less real. It can sometimes be hard not to sink into disbelief that humanity is evolving. Climbing New Dawn helps us know the loving forces of change that prevail and that bring a new dawn each day. Climbing New Dawn Rose grounds us to the eternal reality of love which is the matrix and evolutionary force within everything.
I AM New Life eternal.


Fragrant Ladies TressesSpiranthes odorata
Support to surrender tangled discordant relationships in fact, ALL situations into divinity’s hands. Helps us to follow through moment to moment not by trying to retake control but by further letting go and allowing the grace of divinity and the divinity in the situation to arise and bring us up and out of even the most deep seated of conflicts. This orchid tells us, “I AM not so much a promise of how resolution will look, but I am a promise that resolution will arise. I will support you to trust in the mighty forces that come to your aid when you give any situation or relationship to the divine, however you describe this.”
I AM Grace.

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The Hummingbird Garden
This growing season the largest garden space at the farm was given into the hands of the twenty somethings. Laura Carpenter designed the garden with the Angels then planted it with help from other peers particularly Alli Howe. The garden was extremely bold in color with a pathway running north to south planted in many varieties of red Zinnias, yellow and orange Calendulas and miniature Sunflowers. Brilliant purple Heliotrope, gleaming white Daturas, yellow pompom Marigolds and many other boldly colored Flowers encircled the garden while Cucumbers, Summer Squash, and Tomatoes were the predominant vegetables. A series of very tall Scarlet Runner Bean teepees swept across the entire garden from east to west covered in brilliant deep orange blossoms. One summer afternoon a deer was found napping in one of the teepees, but most often it was the hummingbirds in the garden that caught our attention.

At any given moment there were up to a dozen hummingbirds zooming around this garden, performing their signature loop de loops, resting on top of the teepees, drinking in the nectar of the Flowers or simply playing tag. The combination of this bold exuberant garden and the joyful hummingbirds translated into a Flower Essences mix called The Hummingbird Garden. It supports twenty somethings and really everyone else betwixt and between to boldly plant and harvest our dreams, always remembering to relish and delight in everything that grows.

For a generation in transition, often uprooted and unsure of the next place or next job or even if there will be a job, this Essence encourages confidence in bold choices. It encourages us to dig in, bond with the natural world and join in its creative dance. Like the Hummingbird, if we seek the Essence of things by following our dreams then savoring every moment of exploration, this will lead of its own accord to a life path, a community and a place in the world that is genuine, connected to the natural world and fun. Did we mention FUN? The Hummingbirds certainly did! Hummingbirds and the Hummingbird Garden Essence help us know we can manifest our dreams and that nature stands ready to support us to enjoy every moment of creation.


Love It and Leave It
This year’s Venus Garden was a gorgeous seven pointed star of Pink Flowers primarily Zinnias with inner rings of Red Shiso, soft pink Sunflowers, Pink Cleomes and a center of White Eagle Corn. Between each star point was a spiral of Mehera Marigolds flanked by beds of Sweet Allysum.

Even before we planted the garden, the Angels told me the Essence from this garden was going to be about that old chestnut: love with detachment. I rather dreaded trying to sort out the explanation for this confusing topic. When the Angels gave me the name for the Essence, Love It AND Leave It, I had to laugh. Paradox is like that! Yes, the path forward is to love whatever situations confront us ever prepared to give it back from whence it came. Fame, illness, best friends, worst enemy, success, failure: greet them all with poise, with care and with gusto, knowing at some point all will have to be relinquished.

In thinking about the paradox of loving it and leaving it, I thought of this list a friend keeps as her rules to live by:
Show Up
Pay Attention
Do Your Best
Let Go of Outcomes

To show up, pay attention and do our best is the “Love It” aspect of this Essence. It is the full embrace of whatever challenges life gives us. To let go of outcomes is the “Leave It” aspect.

To Love It and Leave It is not a justification for not caring. It is giving each circumstance our attention and best effort, but also detaching from how events turn out. This is loving with no strings attached. The letting go of outcomes aspect is key and one of the essential conditions for true happiness.

Why is this so necessary to happiness? Real detachment is based on the unshakeable knowledge that all things of this world are momentary and passing. This knowledge releases us from the futility of trying to control outcomes. It releases us to genuinely enjoy whatever is happening without thinking it defines us. Nothing defines us but God. Real detachment leaves us free to discover the door in the center of the garden that leads to what IS unchangeable, and it ain’t fame or fortune.

Focused love on divinity is our way through the momentary and passing to the absolute and eternal.


Pink Pillar Rose Rosa Pink Pillar
A peachy pink, citrus scented, climbing Rose with a heart of yellow, this Rose is about love balanced by wisdom. Obsessive, fanatical or unbalanced emotional attachment to another person, to an idea or an activity can become softened and transformed into a balanced, centered and creative love with the support of Pink Pillar Rose. The transformative power of this Rose Essence is strong but extremely sweet. It is a gem.
I AM Love untarnished.


Queen of the Night- Trichocereus pachanoi
Queen of Night is a cactus from the Andes of Peru with a lot of personality. Working with her feels very much like being taken under the wing of a very wise crone. She blooms at night and her stunning white Flower lasts only the night. Her Essence brings us a single pointed focus in times of darkness or lack of clarity. Much like a match flaring in total dark, Queen of Night illuminates where we are and helps us navigate forward across any terrain we are hesitant to cross. Her light literally unknots and dissolves complications. Her light is focused and wise.

As a plant extract, Queen of Night is used by Peruvian shamans for spiritual quests and to help pinpoint the nature of a disease process in an individual. This quality of discernment is part of her gifts as a Flower Essence, but she goes further still. She also shows the way to unravel the issue underlying any distress, helping us find our way forward unburdened into an experience of greater light.
I AM the way forward.


WoadIsatis tinctoria
Woad is a brilliant yellow flowering plant used since Neolithic times to make blue dye. Woad was grown in large quantities in Europe for all blue cloth until a superior dye made from Indigo was imported from India in the 1600’s. This introduction of Indigo was contentious as the end of the Woad industry radically changed the economies of many European countries. At present, the US views Woad as an invasive plant that should be eradicated. Europe, however, is rebuilding its Woad industries, using Woad as a dye for inkjet printers as well as a commercial dye as it is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Woad Flower Essence has a very strong energy. It creates a very powerful clarifying energy in our mental, emotional and memory subtle bodies, facilitating the movement of a large amount of light into these fields and helping us absorb this light into our cells much as a sponge soaks up water. This makes us more resilient to difficulties and helps anyone suffering from depression or the blues as it quite literally reveals and illuminates the bright yellow sunshine that exists simultaneously with the blues. One particular gift is that Woad helps us find purpose when our previous purpose has been lost to us.
I AM Light pure, bright and true blue.