Conversation here has become nothing more than veiled hints, people shushing each other and others in some sort of scrum in the bottling room whispering to each other.

Most everyone here (five Sheehans and about as many staff) has succumbed to GOTS aka Game of Thrones Syndrome in which we find it impossible to put down our books and rejoin the human race for more than a brief pause to refuel and rub our tired eyes.


We are all in different places in the series. This means there is much analysis of where in which volume someone is before anyone says something aloud like, “Bummer about the wedding.”

Well actually, I wish SOMEONE had stifled that particular comment. Apparently everyone in America knows about the red wedding but me. I am almost through the third volume but not yet to the wedding. Just a guess, but I bet the red adjective is not about them serving red velvet cupcakes.


To add insult to injury, several staff who are not reading the books have seen the HBO series. These folks are the real trouble makers as they keep inadvertently spilling big beans. Let’s just say that at this point, they are huddled behind the shipping stations in fear of having one more person give them the hairy eyeball for their inadvertent spoilers.

Our collective GOTS is so extreme that on Wednesday when Ben, Will and Emily took a first load of stuff down to Boston where Emily will be teaching school next year, they also took their GOT volumes.

Not only did they bring their books but after carrying all Emily’s stuff up five flights of stairs, they settled in among the cardboard boxes and read a few chapters.


Here is Grace trying to help Emily pack and wondering why all her fans are not paying as much attention to her clanging pot lids as they used to.

It’s GOTS Gracie and as soon as you can read, you’ll have it too.