Spring Bustle

To catch up on news from the farm…

Yes, the bear returned. I saw the bear and the bear saw me.

He WAS big.

He returned the only night I decided to forgo the all night radio treatment. I heard him before he had done more than rip apart the winter covering on the healthiest beehive. Mercifully, he ran off when I started yelling at him. He did not look in need of a meal. In fact he looked very very wide of girth- but also spectacularly beautiful. If he wasn’t so intent on wrecking our beehives I would be quite enamored of the big guy.

The Roses all arrived from various Rose growers all over the US. No one sent what I ordered, but in that way of the Angels (and apparently Rose growers), I got beautiful Roses that felt perfect even if unexpected.

Laura and May May helped to plant them all.

Baby Grace came out to oversee the whole operation. I can tell she is going to love weeding as she already loves ripping up grass.
Yesterday we got a load of mulch.
Lots and

Lots of mulch.

Perhaps Grace is a bit too young to help spread all this mulch, but I am sure she will be in the middle of it all enjoying all the bustle of wheelbarrows on the go and the warmth, at long last, of spring sun.

PS I am going to try and post lots of photos of the Flowers on Facebook this growing season so check that out if you want to see what is blooming here!