The Wonderful Recovery Flower Essence Combination Mix

As my many broken bones mend and heal, my gratitude increases for some of the stalwart Flower Essence friends that have helped me so much. Today I thought I would write about one of the key players in my recovery- our Animal Wellness collection mix, RECOVERY.

This mix has been in my water glass every day since my arm break, and I continue to feel its vibration of deep support each day. As I look at the Flower Essences that compose this mix, each ingredient feels significant to me. With the experience of bone mending and recovery so fresh in my experience, I appreciate the wisdom of the Angels’ recipe for this mix in a whole new way.

I thought I would go through the ingredients in Recovery here and describe how I feel the specific Flower Essence in the mix has served me in the last few months. I have always taken this remedy for any physical, emotional, spiritual or mental challenges and so very often the Angels have recommended it for others both two and four footed. I hope the following helps in a small way to explain why.

Bermuda Olivewood– Collecting the shattered experience of self both literally and figuratively after injury or during illness is a significant challenge. This Essence has a unique peaceful strength that helps us feel strong, calm and collected amidst the chaos of illness or injury.

Burdock– When injured or ill we depend on our blood for so many healing processes and never more so than when we have broken bones. This one is a godsend for our hardworking blood.

Capeweed– This diminutive wildflower from Bermuda has a sparkling energizing even zippy vibration which supports us to rekindle this kind of zip within us as we recover. I think it is very hard for us to be aware during a injury or illness process how much we need this fire rekindled. I was never more glad than when I began to feel like myself a week or so ago, but until then I wasn’t fully aware of how out of it I had been. Illness or injury requires so much energy, and this and many of the Essences in this mix help us access energy so we can begin to rebuild our natural vitality.

Christmas Bush– Christmas Bush is for wound healing. It is a very profound remedy that holds information about closing wounds that resist closure as well as closing those wounds that follow a more usual course. I had four inch pins through my wrist for seven weeks. They broke the surface with an open wound marked by knobby plastic beading. When my pins were pulled out, the wound closure was impeccable inside and out. As the surgeon had used an electric drill to put the pins in place, this was saying something.

Comfrey– This one supports us on so many levels. Bones hold memories strongly and Comfrey is all about cleansing us of sorrowful memories. This is good for bone health as clear, high vibration bones are obviously going to healthier than ones caring sorrows. I wish I had been able to release the difficult memories my wrist bones held onto in a gentler way than these breaks, but I remain so grateful for Comfrey and the many Essences that helped wash me clean after the breaks. Comfrey also helps to knit things together after the release. Bravo Comfrey.

Dandelion– Dandelion supports us with all issues of the muscles. Just as Comfrey cleanses the bones, Dandelion cleanses the muscles. So much tension is held in the muscles and among other things, Dandelion helps us release this tension with as little pain as possible. This translates to easier muscle repair and also frees up energy that might otherwise be held by the muscles in the form of tension.

Devil’s Bit Scabiosa– Injury and illness can leave us with temporary or even permanent limitations that take some getting used to. This dear friend helps us feel our wholeness as we get accustomed to our new situation. I am so very happy that eventually I will regain the use of my right arm and hand. This Essence in the Recovery mix helps soothe me when I feel frustrated at how much I still cannot do.

Gooseberry– This is another Essence which helps us deal with the losses that illness and injury bring. It has helped me feel I have not been through this experience to be lessened but to be washed free of some old stuck junk leaving me able to fill up with more love. I thank Gooseberry and other Flower friends for helping me experience my situation this way.

Henry Hudson Rose– Illness and injury makes us vulnerable in our perhaps unexpected weaknesses and challenges. These experiences can make us feel quite exposed, even humiliated. This Rose Essence helps us feel buffered and safe but also softens the blows in difficult situations. It also helps us feel confidently in the flow of healing so our circumstances don’t leave us feeling marginalized.

La Belle Sultane Rose– Seeing our situation in a different light helps when we are ill or injured. This Rose helps us feel more connected to our timeless selves and a more eternal perspective. While our personalities may be freaking out that we can’t be what we were before the injury, our timeless selves know that our worthiness was never tied to what we are doing. It is a given regardless of circumstances. The effect of surrendering to this truth has a distinct restorative effect which is one reason this is such a wonderful Essence.

Larkspur– For a few weeks after the accident, my x-rays continued to look dire. The surgeon had me in each week to cut off my cast, x-ray me and ponder if something more needed to be done, all because of the severity of the bone breakages, the precarious nature of the pin placements and the fact that nothing seemed to be changing. During these visits the room hummed with the concern; would more surgery be necessary?. As when a boat comes about from sailing one direction and waits to catch the wind in a new direction, this was the lull before the wind caught the sails again. Then one visit, I was different: my hand and arm looked different and the x-rays showed enormous change. We could all see that my situation had turned and gained momentum in a new healing direction. Larkspur knows how to turn our vessels to a new course and then get things moving towards healing. What a moment of happiness it was when even I could see in the X-rays that my bones had begun their journey of rebuilding. We all cheered and inside I was thanking so many friends including Larkspur.

Lauriana Rose– I had to ask the Angels about this one’s purpose in the mix. They said balancing polarities is never more important than when injury or illness has thrown this natural balance mechanism off and this Rose serves this re-balancing function in the mix.

Lavender– This is another extremely protective and reassuring Essence friend that helps us stay grounded in the truth that divine will is beneficently at work in our life even when -maybe especially when- we are in the turmoil of illness or injury. To rest in a heartfelt knowledge that everything is okay and we are loved when some of our cultural beliefs links injury and illness to punishment and shame is no small gift.

Lemon– Lemon has many gifts but with an illness or injury, it is often its support with issues around wound healing and scar formation that make Lemon such a tremendous resource.

Maple– First of all there is such a vibration of sweet restoring strength in Maple. Then there is the way it balances out our monkey mind so the wigged out thoughts simmer down. And it doesn’t do this with a heavy hand but with a flood of sweet love. What a treasure.

Pumpkin– This one is like the bugles of reveille awakening our whole being to healing work.

Rosa Mundi– I have so much respect for people who don’t have an end in sight with their injury or illness process. Thembi said to me that if I lived in her native village in South Africa, there would have been no choice but to cut off my arm. Wow. This Rose helps us all to keep on in our love for life and the divinity in life even when the journey is extremely arduous and no oasis is yet in sight.

Self Heal– The Mitfords of such books as “Love in a Cold Climate” had a mother who was always talking about the innate healing ability of “the good body.” I love the way this phrase expresses a trust in the healing abilities of our bodies, and this Essence liberates and empowers this trust so we can let go into a place of confidence about our healing process amidst illness and injury.

Spruce– Illness and injury can leave us feeling cooped up like a beloved dog at the kennel. This one helps us manage our time of constraint with more poise. And less barking!

Trout Lily– I have known many Flower Essence practitioners who feel there is no more important Flower Essence than this wildflower beauty. It is about rising from the depths, taking the mixed bag life has thrust at us and finding vitality and the wisdom to go on from strength to strength. Needless to say, it’s gifts are deeply restorative.

Vitex– My saint of a husband has cooked all the meals for more than two months including a breakfast in bed for me each day. He is not as into vegetables as me which makes me very glad for Vitex as it helps us get all the nutritious minerals from whatever food we have before us.

Zucchini– A wildly exuberant flood of restorative life giving energy is this Essence’s gift to the mix.

And so you see why I have taken this wonderful mix, RECOVERY, all day every day and end this blog by raising my canning jar of Flower Essence water in a toast of thanksgiving for this mix. In the weeks to come, I hope to write about the other steadfast Flower Essence friends who have been at my side these months. Can’t wait for when my arm is liberated and I begin to learn to type with two hands again!