October Morning

We’ve had more than a week straight of rain. Much needed rain, but I was ready for today’s sun. It felt glorious to poke around in the soggy gardens.

There is so much surprise beauty in a fall garden even as things have been frosted or look a bit untidy. I was particularly taken by the cabbages today. Cabbage was our first logo two decades ago.
I like that Cabbage was our beginning. There is something very down to earth about this plant but also cosmic.

I never felt we got our cabbage art quite right- but what I always wanted to suggest was the way a cabbage cradles its creation just as we are cradled. This beautiful cabbage says this so well.

And this little bug was another participant in this morning’s gardens.
So much to appreciate. So much…well…… GRACE.

( Yes, I am going to be THAT kind of obnoxious Grandma with a complete wardrobe covered in nauseating slogans, clutching way too many photos, knitting odd and endless projects from washable wool and grinning ear to ear. When I was four I told people I wanted to be a Grandma when I grew up- and well, I meant it!)