A Stroll around the Gardens

Here are some beloveds filling the Flower beds right now.

Maltese Cross makes a bold statement especially as set off by the Evening Primrose in the background.

Even as most of the Roses are dropping their petals, this Clematis still makes a lovely contrast as it climbs over a John Davis Rose.
Not all the Roses have gone by yet. Some are still looking their best including the Konigin Von Danemark Rose.

Feverfew volunteers abundantly in the Arbor Garden. Here it encircles an Icelandic Poppy.
This Rudbeckia is called Irish Eyes for obvious reasons.
In the Venus Garden, the annuals start to plump up!

This Geranium, new to the farm is called Garden’s Joy.

The Honeybees were going nuts today- Something out in their world was offering up a lot of pollen. In a wacky experiment, I recorded the answering machine message from right by one of the hives, hoping the incredible buzz of bees would be able to be heard on the message. I am not sure it worked, but it gave everyone in the office a laugh as I crouched down amongst the bees to record the message.