More Roses and a Scotch Tape Story


First a few more Rose photos. This is their moment in our gardens! Here’s La Belle Sultane Rose. This is one of the first Roses that I fell for. After her arrival, I began to look for more and more old fashioned shrub Roses. They offer so much beauty, fragrance and wisdom, and they’re tough enough to survive our winters!

Here’s Alchymist Rose early this morning. This one often dies back hard in the winters, but she always comes back strong. Her coloring is nothing short of mesmerizing.
Madame Legras de St Germain Rose shares the fence with Clematis Montana.


White Roses are a challenge to photograph. In photos, they look much more washed out than they are in person. Here’s Madame up close, but again, she is much prettier in person.

Final Rose photo of the day is Konigin von Danemark. She’s the one for dissolving shame spirals and any ideas that we aren’t lovable just the way we are. She really is love incarnate.

Now my scotch tape story. Last week, Emily assembled a list of all the Flowers that still need photos on the website. I was very surprised to find we didn’t have a photo of Blue Flag Iris. Since this has been part of the collection since our first years in the late eighties, it seemed an odd oversight- also annoying to find this out now since the Blue Flag Iris are all gone by in the gardens here.

On my lunchtime walk with MayMay, we went on a route we haven’t taken in a few weeks and gratefully stumbled on a lone Blue Flag Iris looking quite woebegone in a ditch. Unfortunately as I picked the Blue Flag Iris to bring home to photograph, I added insult to injury and pretty much tore her petals off.

Feeling a bit desperate, I decided to try taping the Flower together for its photo shoot. The falling petal on the right is taped on and there have been other repairs. Despite the triage, there was something that still looked a little beat up about the Flower. After the photo shoot, I decided it’s droopy and bedraggled look ( through no fault of its own) wasn’t representative of the Essence, and I would have to wait ’til next year for a photo after all.


A few minutes later white picking up piles of weeds at the top of the drive, I caught a flash of purple tucked behind a group of Celandine. There was another lone Blue Flag Iris. So much for my theory they were all gone.

Here it is! A Blue Flag Iris that really sings of this Essence’s glory. I thank all Blue Flag Iris involved in this morning’s photo adventures and the Roses too!

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