Elementals Deliver the Goods

When I first started to garden with the Angels and Elementals, Green Hope Farm Flower Essences were just a twinkle in an Angels’ eyes. Meanwhile, I was so excited by my experiences with the Angels and Elementals that I wanted to tell anyone who was interested (and many who were not) all about my adventures in the garden.

To share my joy, I decided to give workshops on gardening with the Angels and Elementals. Because of logistics, many of my far flung workshops were one or two day affairs, but with local interested folk, I had the chance to set up classes that met over the course of a number of weeks. The classes worked particularly well because I could explain something, like how I plotted out a garden design with the Angels during one class and then in the next class, everyone could report back how their own design process had unfolded. Lots of excellent questions arose and people shared great stories. By the time each series of classes ended, we had all changed, grown from each others experiences and become new friends.

I noticed early on that it helped the Angels and Elementals build a stronger working relationship with everyone in a class when there was a particularly skeptical person in the group. This grounded people’s experiences of the Angels and Elementals in a different way. The kindness and playfulness that the skeptical person received from the Angels and Elementals over the course of the classes revealed the Angels and Elementals’ unconditional love for all of us and their deep desire to work with ALL of us more consciously. It was also clear that the Angels and Elementals never took any skepticism to heart or even very seriously, but actually enjoyed setting up events that would move a skeptic into the believer camp.

I began to look forward to the skeptics declaring themselves, because once that happened, fun stuff would begin to occur.

Here is one of my favorite skeptic conversion stories.

During the first class of a series, when I explained the role of Elementals in the manifestation of all form, a woman in the class announced that she didn’t believe in Elementals and thought it was ridiculous that anyone did. I explained to her that from my experience, the Elementals loved a challenge and would take particular delight in demonstrating their existence to her. I suggested she ask the Elementals for exactly what she wanted to manifest and then wait and see if they would deliver.

Without missing a beat, the woman told the class that she wanted an entire garden without paying for any of it. Those were her stakes. The Elementals had to send her a garden or she would walk.

I couldn’t wait to see what would happen. The Elementals manifest what we ask for in the most unpredictable ways and through the most unorthodox channels.

The next week this woman blew into class bursting with excitement. She couldn’t wait to tell us what had happened. There had been A LOT of manifestation in her life.

The first thing that occurred was she received, unsolicited, an enormous collection of garden seeds from a woman who had just ordered them but no longer wanted them.

Then someone called to offer her a dump truck load of well composted manure, free of charge and again unsolicited. The farmer was happy to dump the load right where she wanted it, no delivery charge.

Then another person called, out of the blue, and said she had an entire perennial garden that she needed to get rid of and did this woman want any or all of the plants.

In less than a week, she had been given the entire garden she wanted.

Her life turned on a dime. After this experience, she became very interested in Angels and Elementals. She began to paint beautiful paintings of Angels and Elementals. Her work with these new companions became more and more conscious. Their journey together led her professional life towards deeply satisfying work that combined her Angel paintings with work to alleviate third world poverty.

Lucky me. She keeps me posted on all her wild Angel and Elemental stories and I have three of her pieces of Angel art in my life including a much loved collage of a perky “CAN DO” Angel.

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