A Celebratory Bonfire

Some of you have been asking us what we are doing to prepare for 11-11-11.

I am never quite sure what these events mean, but I like how they give us all a sense of occasion and an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings and our collective spiritual journey.

During the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, we camped out in our half built house. It was our very first night in our new home and very special to get up at dawn to greet the sun rising over our first farm crop of buckwheat, planted to improve the soil.

With 11-11-11, we decided to have a BIG bonfire.


Jim, Emily, her friend Charlie and I dragged brush from the pile between Ben’s land and our land.

Sometimes I have been put in charge of making the bonfires. As an earth sign, this doesn’t play to my strengths. Much as I need fire energy, a fire I build can often molder along in a dismal sort of way. So this time I asked Emily and her friend Charlie who are both Aries to build the fire.

It was Ben’s thirtieth birthday last week so the bonfire was part of his birthday celebration. Here he is talking to MayMay about the blaze.


It was a great decision to leave Charlie and Emily in charge of the fire. It lit with one match and was a towering inferno within about ten seconds. Here they are enjoying their creation, having been told they are now in charge of all future bonfires.


We also saw this fire as a dhuni, a purifying fire into which we could symbolically throw bindings and attachments. I was glad to have a chance to write down things I wanted to let go of and throw this list in the fire.

And when the blaze settled down, we also used the embers to enjoy a few ‘smores. After all Will hadn’t had a snack in fifteen minutes and he was famished!

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