Riding the LP

Back twenty five years ago, there were a lot of Angel groups in our valley and at one of the meetings I went to where a bunch of us were seeking Angelic guidance, an Angel gave us all a piece of advice that stuck with me. This Angel spoke of the vibration on the planet increasing as part of our spiritual evolution and described the pressing need for all of us to stay centered in our hearts and inner divinity as the vibration increased. This Angel used the analogy of an LP record. This is now a very outdated analogy, but I liked the analogy then and still do. So I am going to share it, because just about now it seems like a pretty helpful image.

The Angel explained that at the center of a record, the spin was manageable. If we were placed there at the center, we would be able to handle the movement even as the record got spinning faster. The Angel said that as the planetary vibration rose, it would feel like a record spinning faster and faster. This Angel suggested that as events and vibrations sped up, being centered in our hearts was going to make all the difference and was going to be like staying in the center of a record while the record turned. The alternative of being in our personalities was like trying to stay on a record at the outer edges. It would be a crazy if not impossible ride and one that would keep going until we remembered to go to our hearts and the Divinity anchored there.

Of course, this analogy is an obscure one for those young people who have never seen a record player spin a record, but for me it somehow caught my attention. So much of what the Angels said to me back then sounded so dramatic but also stuck in the back of my mind. In so many of the messages I began to receive internally and that I heard from others, the Angels encouraged us all to learn how to stay centered and grounded to our own inner guidance and Divinity so that no matter what was going on around us, even a volcanic eruption, we would be able to stay calm and hear and act from our inner guidance clearly. I remember being quite startled by the volcanic eruption reference, but now it doesn’t seem quite so nutty.

It was good to get this Angelic advice back when the vibration was slower and begin to work on this centering thing, because it feels to me that we are in that time the Angels spoke of. So many radical changes are happening so fast that any capacity for the mind to mull endlessly over any situation before deciding what to do has been lost. We have all needed to do a sort of moment to moment improvisation from the heart as we deal with so much stuff flying at us. And I for one am finding the focus on staying centered and receiving comfort and guidance from within my only way through. There has been so much change in my world this last month that the habit to stop and center, pray, listen and be still for a few minutes every hour becomes a life saving habit.

Back when the Angels gave me those first in-services, they also gave me the heads up I would be disinherited by my family or as they put it, “not get anything from my childhood world.” At the time, I really couldn’t wrap my head around this bit of information. When I wasn’t doubting my inner listening skills, I could only imagine that what the Angels were telling me was that there was going to be a flood in coastal Connecticut that would take out my family’s home. I was far away from understanding the family of origin dramas that were about to explode around me. However, this month, after over a decade of family of origin explosions, the last ( I hope) shoe dropped in this drama. My mother (who never liked me) died, and I learned that her threats to cut me out of her will had become fact. The place in the Adirondacks and everything else is not to be part of our family’s ongoing lives. Then a series of other deaths, losses and illnesses among beloved friends followed my mother’s death to the point where last night Jim actually had to remind me I was also dealing with her death as well as all that had happened in the weeks since.

I am not feeling sorry for myself or feeling unfairly burdened with this kind of turmoil. Just about everyone whom we talk to or email or visit with through the mail is going through as much if not more. The animals too are having a time of it. We are, quite simply, on a planet in the throes of major change and that means change for all of us. I am grateful for the way the Angels have been part of our preparations for this time and grateful for the unceasing ongoing support of Divinity in every moment. To go to our hearts is to be filled with an experience of not being alone in all this turmoil.

Divinity not only prepared us with hints of things to come and ideas about how to adapt, but Divinity has sent in other tools to support us. Right now I feel the focus of the Angels and Elementals work with our Flower Essences is to help our physical systems to adapt to the higher frequencies so we can ride out these changes more easily. For example, Linden and Pink Magnolia, described two blog posts before this one, are focused on helping upgrade our electrical circuitry to accommodate these higher vibrations.

They are also offering new Essences including Cape Fuschia “Moonraker” that help us go to that centered place within us, the center of the record so to speak. Someone told us yesterday that there is a book on the market right now called “The Storm Before the Calm”. The title alone brought a lot of comfort to us. We will adapt to the heightened vibrations. These are good changes for us. It is going to make for a planet where love prevails, but it is a bit of a rocky ride to get acclimated to this change and so good to know we are not alone and help is available and ever within us.

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