There and Back Again


Sometimes I wish our return packages could gather us around a blazing campfire and tell us the tale of where they have been. I bet there would be some great tales told. This package for example. It left the farm July 18th, 2006 for Athens and arrived back at the farm a few days ago. This means it has been AWOL for nearly seven months. Seven months!

So here it sits, torn, shredded, examined, decorated, stained, stamped, knotted, rewrapped and crushed. I only hope it had some fun on its journey there and back again. I like knowing hoping fantasizing this package saw the Parthenon and caught a glimpse of the wine dark sea of Homer.

It’s snowing here today. It’s snowing really hard. We have a foot of fresh snow already with a couple more feet expected before dawn tomorrow. It’s beautiful and I will enjoy this day, but truth be told, I am ready for spring. I sit looking out at the snow covered gardens taking a mind journey towards the next few months when this garden world will come to life again and all the green glories of spring will surround us. It’s a lovely mind journey for this snowy day.

As is my wildly optimistic mind journey about this package. The poor thing probably never saw anything of the world but the inside of planes, trains, and the untidy package rooms of a series of national and international post offices. Sometimes mind journeys are like that, the reality is not as good as the mind journey. So I promise that before this poor battered box and its contents wend their way to various recycle bins here, I will show this package a beautiful view of this snow storm. It is the least this package deserves after such a noble and prolonged effort to get to those Greek cats who wanted some Flower Essences.

And not to leave you in suspense. This was one of three different packages for the same order that we sent to these Greek cats by different methods and yes, eventually these cats got their Flower Essences.

As far as this tired box of lovelies goes, I can only hope that sometime in the last seven months, the Elementals holding the vibration of these bottles intact and the Angels watching over these bottles en route made an executive decision that the Essences were never going to get to their intended destination and that it would be the right thing to do to share the vibrations of these Essences with someone or some animal that had a close encounter with the package.

That is a much more likely mind journey than the one about the package sipping ouzo on the steps of the Acropolis. And like my mind journeys about spring, it one that makes me smile. Can’t you just picture it? Somewhere out there is a greek postal official that had a close encounter with these Flower Essences. As he wrapped up the crushed package for the last time to return to us, he couldn’t help wondering why he was in such a good mood. But we know why. Yup, we know why.

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