I Begin to Hear About 2007

This morning, with my seed catalogs and my illegible notes to self spread over the kitchen table, I got a nudge from my partners in the Angelic and Elemental kingdoms to stop my design work for a little while and share the message I got from them on January 6th about the focus for our work in 2007.

Before I share the remarks of my partners, I would like to clarify some things.

First of all, everyone can have these conversations.

During the 80’s, I read many books about the Findhorn community and their inspiring cooperative efforts with the Angels and Elementals. As I read of Eileen and Peter Cady and Dorothy Maclean’s groundbreaking work in an ordinary trailer park in Northern Scotland, I thought it impossible for me to be in the same kind of conscious community with the Angels and Elementals of Nature as they experienced. Fortunately my mind and its limiting notions were not only misinformed, but not in charge.

The truth is that we are already in community with all of creation, including these wonderful partners in Nature. Separation is an illusion. Any lack of conscious communication means we have temporarily bought into this illusion, but that can end and we can grow a conscious relationship with Nature any time we decide we want to, because we are ONE with Nature and nothing can stop this from being the truth.

When I read these inspiring books, the truth of our essential oneness and therefore our God given ability to talk to the Angels and Elementals permeated my life despite my mind’s skepticism. When I started to listen to Nature with more confidence in this oneness, I began to realize that I heard the plants talking. It was much more of an integrated experience than I expected, sort of like realizing that I could hear myself think. This made me realize that I had always talked with Nature and that what I was doing now was only a more conscious version of what I had always done. This made me realize everyone could do this and probably many already did.

Why do we count ourselves out so readily? Few of us are given any encouragement to trust what we know. Most of us are told that if we don’t have any scientific proof to ground what we know, then it must be crap. But all of us do tap into a more unified consciousness all the time. We need to set aside the notion that this isn’t a reasonable idea and start to listen. All the skepticism in the world doesn’t prevent the truth from being the truth. WE ARE STILL ONE no matter who says differently!

The second thing I want to say is that after I came back from that workshop described in my last blog, my life changed a lot. At the time, I thought the changes were because of the arrival of William, a sensitive babe of light who did much better with a quiet life on the farm than a busy life out in the greater world. In retrospect, I believe William was more a gift to take me through this transition from a worldly life of travel to a much quieter one than the reason for this quiet life. When William no longer screamed for two hours after a trip to the grocery store, most of my family including William began to be out and about more. But I was asked to stay at the farm almost all the time and because I was used to this, it was not a hard to do. I have written about this over the years in the green newsletters, the grace of my quiet life.

I am grateful that in all my conversations with the God within and the Angels and Elementals they kindly didn’t freak me out by telling me in advance that I would spend more than a decade at the farm with few nights away or that a trip to the post office would sometimes be as far as I would get from the farm in any given week. Instead, I went along week to week feeling the wisdom of their game time guidance and following it happily. It was only after a number of years that I realized that I rarely went anywhere and that when I did get asked to go somewhere, it was usually to retrieve very specific Flower Essences.

I am not telling you this to worry you about what the Angels and Elementals will ask you to do. I have a very specific job with Nature in this life and have, of my own free will, decided I want to this kind of complete partnership with the Angels and Elementals. Moreover, I didn’t want you to see my life with the Angels and Elementals as either special or extreme. It’s nothing but right for me. I think most of us are doing some kind of grounding work at work and at home. Its just not acknowledged. And again, I don’t want anyone to be afraid to ask the Angels and Elementals what they can do to help right now. It was my personal decision to dig up several acres to work with them and agree to hold the template they refer to in their message. They will be as happy if it’s a few window boxes you create with them or if you simply take the time to talk to them as fellow stewards of Earth. Why? Because it is the increase in conscious community that will turn the tides right now, not the size of the joint projects.

So what the heck did they say to me when I asked them what they needed me to know and do in 2007?

This was the answer I received, “Gardens. Work more on and in the gardens. Share more about the gardens. Encourage people to have gardens, and to come into deeper community with us, if only in a large flower pot of Herbs and Flowers. We are stronger working in community. If Angels, Elementals, and Humans work together, we are a mighty triangle of strength, vision, and purposeful healing. Together we can avert many of the coming crises. Without this community, different events play out. Tell people more about your community with us and yes, we need you here much of 2007 to hold the light with us. As more join in, there will be some easing of this requirement that you stay at the farm all the time, but for now it is vital that you ground here. This is because the way you merge with our consciousness is a necessary template right now. Not optional. So stay home, blog about how we work with you and the gardens. There are surprises coming for all humanity. Good news, bad news, who knows. Be as grounded as you can in love as the eternal matrix of all reality. That will help.”

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