Reina’s Diva Tips

Elizabeth left yesterday for her third trip down the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, leaving five other Sheehans in charge of Reina. There is some concern that this will not be enough staffing for Reina.

We pledge to dedicate the next five weeks to Reina care and, of course, this means turning the blog over to her for her own posts.

Today she wants to give her tips on helping her person pack for the Camino.

When your person is packing for her third Camino,
Hog the shots with your outrageous cuteness and good taste in scarves.

Interrupt the process frequently to demand kisses.

Taste everything so your hair and saliva will be with your person every step of her six hundred mile walk.

More tomorrow, but right now my grandparents are giving me raw liver for dinner then a full body massage.

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