Remembering Oneness or the Grand Adventure of this Time!

We are one with divinity, and only mind ideas interfere with an experience of this truth.

We all have mind ideas that have run interference with experiencing the truth of oneness: false ideas, inherited or picked up from other lives or our cultural milieu. One central focus of our Flower Essences has been to help dismantle these mind ideas and cut through the illusions to truth. Flowers are good at this because they experience their oneness with divinity while grounded in physical form, and that is what each of us is called to experience: conscious divinity while in physical incarnation.

One group of mind ideas are particularly pervasive because they are the agreed upon cultural ideas. These are the patriarchal values of our current civilization. On the surface, the mind ideas of patriarchy sound rather helpful, even valuable.

goal orientation
intellectual excellence
spiritual perfection

What are the problems with these mind ideas? To reframe the question, WHY are these values just mind ideas and not eternal verities?

When we ground the experience of oneness in our physical bodies and live in that experience, any need to accomplish for the sake of productivity or to work to be better than anyone else simply melts away as ridiculous notions.

Why any need to be more than someone else or increase productivity or set goals to be more than we were before or have our right hand be smarter than our left hand or imagine we have to strive to be something more than we already are when we are one with God?

I have my own inherited mind ideas that sometimes give me a patriarchal kick around the block. My maternal grandfather’ s point of view sometimes rings in my ears, “Without these values, the underpinnings of society would crumble and people would just sit around examining their navels.”

When I rest in my heart, I feel, “Well who cares if people are examining their navels versus propping up social structures?”

And frankly, I’m ready to see what it is like to move beyond values that have us blowing each other up in a nutty race to be better than our neighbors. As the bumper sticker says, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”…… and leaves us stuck in an illusionary state of isolation from each other.

Anyways, I trust that when we all recognize we are one with each other, we will be interested in doing something more than just examining our navels, like maybe take care of each other.

My discussion of this is really an academic exercise because this patriarchal subset of mind ideas as well as our own little quirky mind ideas are about to be swept away by the vibrational shifts on the planet.

As the light pouring into the planet takes us to a felt experience of oneness, I think often of Marian Woodman, a Jungian therapist who brought much to the table with her work on the Sacred Feminine.

Her particular focus in helping to dismantle patriarchy was the body/ spirit split and the way patriarchal culture has used mind ideas about a split between the body and spirit as a way to prevent us from experience our oneness with God. She felt the healing would come when we experienced our physical bodies as divine.

Good news, Marion! The time is now!

My experience of the light pouring into the planet right now is that it is downright amazing! Our job is to assimilate this light into our bodies. Therefore, as I work in the gardens this summer, I am focusing on making Flower Essences that help us assimilate this wonderful light into our physical bodies so we remember our oneness as a physical experience.

And to re-interate, Flowers are up to the task as Flowers exist in the physical yet know their divinity. They are the vibrational role models for this wisdom because they experience their divinity in form.

Wisdom itself is not an idea. This is why our electrical systems can recognize the wisdom of Flowers and use it to cut ourselves free from mind ideas and return us to an expanded experience of our self.

As we take this journey, it may be a bumpy ride. Few children learn to walk without falling down, and few of us will fall into an experience of oneness without falling in and out of this place for awhile.

One challenge we have been hearing about from you all is that while moving in and out of the expanded state of oneness sometimes we can get confused about all the personality information we are experiencing as we come and go from oneness. Somewhat like the experience of being empathic, we can get disoriented by all the illusionary personality data that floods our energy field when we go from an expanded state back to a personality driven one. These growing pains are temporary as we will get better at being in oneness.

The Angels suggestion is to go deeper when this sort of overwhelm of knowing occurs. The solution, they say, is always to go deeper. For me, I think of this as a physical thing, a going deeper into my heart. This grounding in the heart takes us beyond the territory of personality. And this is helpful because we are not moving towards oneness on the personality level but on the soul level.

Here are a few of the Flower Essences that are available to help us assimilate the higher vibrations coming into the planet to help us experience the high vibration of divine oneness- We have a bigger list which we would be happy to share and by the end of the summer I expect we will have more new Essences to support us with this epic paradigm shift. We are working with the Angels every day to get a comprehensive collection of support for this wonderful wild time! Keep checking in with us for new Essences!


Pink Magnolia- New this spring, this one helps us embrace a vibration of rebirth and cellular awakening. This Flower Essence’s time is now, and its focus is to usher us into a felt experience of oneness.


Agathe Incarnata Rose- This Rose’s name literally means “good body rose” and it’s focus of support is to help move us beyond the mind idea of a body/spirit split.


Rue- This Flower is also called the Herb of Grace. This expansion into oneness is by the grace of God, and this one helps us remember that this energy coming into the planet is a cosmic gift, and our job is to receive it fully with gratitude.

Westerland Rose is proving as helpful as last summer with soothing and revitalizing us as we leap through one paradigm shift after another!

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