The Liberation of the Tropicals

As the greenhouse fills with baby plants each spring, the tropical plants that usually own the space get crowded against the back wall or relegated to other rooms in the house where they don’t get as much light.

Frankly, the tropicals, used to so much light in their natural habitat, don’t like this annual stopover on the regular windowsills of a New England farmhouse. So this wet weekend, I felt their nudge (even shove) for me to move them out into their summer quarters along the south side of the house in a bed of peat moss. It was early days for the move which usually happens in June after all danger of frost is past, but the plants seemed to want to roll the dice on possible frosts so I moved them out.


Some tropicals got new pots, a trim and new potting soil.
Of course the entire move was supervised by MayMay.


This is Old Blush China Rose, newly moved from her winter quarters. She is the ancient Rose that made possible the hybridization of Roses from east and west. As a Flower Essence, she has served so many with her wisdom about feeling safe.

She bloomed all winter in the confines of the greenhouse, but somehow the pearly grey skies of our rainy rainy spring helped her look her best or maybe it was just her tasting the light and stretching her wings after a long winter inside.

The Plums seem to agree about the glory of stretching their wings.

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