The Afghan has Landed


First there was a trial afghan, knit from leftover stash yarn in shades of red, white, and blue. This was an afghan to prove to the world that my leftover wool had a reason for being. This was an afghan to keep everyone warm, even May May who thinks she needs an afghan during her supervisory shifts in the office. This was an afghan to take the log cabin afghan pattern out on the road and see if it had wheels.

It did.


The second afghan was for Emily “just because” I couldn’t get it done in time for her birthday.

The third afghan was for Ben to celebrate a year in the working world after college when I couldn’t get it finished in time to give it to him for his graduation from college.

Then there was afghan four. By then my recipients were cynical about delivery date promises. Certain people fell on the floor clutching their afghans with hysterical laughter when I told William he would receive his after an intensive three weeks of knitting last February for the Knitting Olympics.

William sweetly, patiently and without the cynicism of his siblings heard me move the E.E.D. (Expected Delivery Date) from the end of the Knitting Olympics in February to the end of the World Cup Soccer to the end of the Tour de France to the end of his soccer season in October.


As he got spiffed for his first sixth grade dance EVER last Thursday night ( I know! A Thursday night!) it was time to wrap that baby around William and get a photo. He looks so pleased at my insisting on a photo doesn’t he? And that red eye goes so well with his choice of afghan colors!

Truth be told, I think William liked the photo op with his fifth grade teacher Ms. Gallagher much better. She came for supper before going to chaperone the dance. Will was her date for the occasion.

So cheshire cat Will went off to the dance with me yelling after him, “I always said I would finish that afghan before your first junior high dance!”

The house became quiet. My knitting needles grew cold. I considered my project options. I would started to knit an afghan for Rhino, but he already has an afghan. There may be a hole where the dishwasher was but Rhino is warm.

I knew I would find a purpose for that mighty oversized sock!

No, it was time to start afghan five for the last of my children without an afghan. And looks like when I have it ready on Xmas her birthday Valentine’s day election day 2008 some occasion in the future, it will be just in time and much appreciated.


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