Yesterday afternoon Sophie and I finished cutting and hanging the Red Shiso. The Red Shiso drying shed is now officially full of gorgeous purple bundles. Hopefully these bundles will continue to dry as purple as they seem to be drying right now. Time will tell.

It was a beautiful afternoon with incredible clear blue skies and peak leaf color, this according to the local leaf peepers report. Lizzy was home from her new job for the first time in more than a month. We were in the mood to celebrate so Sophie, Lizzy, and I decided to start digging up the potatoes. To us, digging up potatoes DID feel like a celebration. And as the saying goes “To each his own said the lady as she kissed the cow.”


It amazes me that anyone could think this was hard work! You put a piece of potato in the good earth. You mound up some dirt on it when the potato sprouts. Then you cover the mound with mulch hay and forget about it. Come fall, you lift up the mulch hay to find blue, pink, red and yellow potatoes!

Today, I will wash them off, leave them outside to toughen up their skins, and then put them in the coldest spot in our basement where it is cool but never quite freezes. All done except for the mashing.

Here adorable Sophie adds to the pile while adorable Lizzy leans on her pitchfork.

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