Busy as Bees

This summer has been a whirlwind of activity. This week Jim, Will and Ben jacked up the building where we dry the Red Shiso, the plant we use as our Flower Essence stabilizer. They then rebuilt its foundation and cleared out much of the brush that had made a visit to the Red Shiso barn something akin to a visit to Baba Yaga’s hut built on chicken feet.

Apparently the building practically was built on chicken feet, and it was a lucky thing it didn’t sail right off its old foundations when we were in it. The building tipped down hill 8 inches on its old foundation but is now plumb, square, level and ready for this year’s crop of Red Shiso.

Inside the office, Emily and Jess finished designing the new logos for the Flower Essences Emily made in Sicily and Santorini this spring. We all love the logo with its soft warm colors and view of Cefalu, an ancient city on the north coast of Sicily. We plan to take this whole collection of Mediterranean Flowers forward right after the autumnal equinox, always a great time to launch new Flower Essences (This also works for me because it’s difficult for me to get major inside projects done during the growing season!).

At the equinox, we will also be officially introducing the new ones I made here at the Farm this summer and the new ones Ben made in Ireland.

During Ben’s recent trip to Ireland, the Irish Elementals took him all the way around the western and northern coast of Ireland to make Flower Essences from beloved old Flower friends like Ladies Bedstraw and many new Flowers as well. I have asked him to guest blog about his adventures. As with last trip, his cousin Roisin helped find the Flowers as well as put Ben through his paces in an arctic swim off the magic island of Inishbofin. Thank you Roisin!

We have been wonderfully busy inside the office as well as outside. So many new folks are finding us, and we have been sending more Essences out into the world than ever before. With the energies of the world so erratic and overheated, I am so glad that so many are finding Flower Essences for themselves and the animals in their lives, since Flower Essences offer such helpful information about handling these fiery times. Our work with rescue animals continues to give us all so much joy and we have been sending Flower Essences to so many different species of animals from goats to elephants.

Elizabeth is in the final stages of cover design and final proofing of her book on her walk across the Camino of northern Spain in the summer of 2008. This book has taken the better part of two years work for her. I have read it at least ten times in all its many drafts, and I am crazy about it. I can’t wait to share that with you too, later this fall!

But today is Friday, which means I am off to work in the gardens…….with a first stop for a visit with the bees and a snack of one of the luscious peaches hanging overing the hives right now.


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