More Beloveds

Sarah Van Fleet Rose, a wonderful Flower Essence for soothing frayed nerves.


A honeybee departs from John Cabot Rose, one of the climbing Roses in our Sacred Masculine combination remedy. Speaking of bees, we had a swarm last week- Usually with a swarm we have to suit up and scoop the whole swarm into a box, hoping we manage to move the new Queen into the hive box with our scooping- This swarm made things easy for us. The scout bees sent out to find a new home for their new Queen moved her right into an empty hive box in the potting shed. Once they had settled in, all we had to do was wait until the hive quieted down at dusk then move it next to our three other hives on the south side of the GHF office.

Cardinal de Richelieu Rose whose Flower Essence offers vital support for taking back what is rightfully ours. A key ingredient in All Ego Contracts Null and Void.

The incomparable Madame Hardy Rose which is a pillar of strength in our Grief and Loss combination remedy.

I can’t get enough of the magic of Alchymist Rose.

On another note, here you can see the last of the annuals right before they got planted yesterday morning. Sometimes its almost July when I get all the plants from the greenhouse and cold frames into the ground, so that was a good moment. Now all the gardens are officially planted, and we can turn our attention to weeding and deadheading and, of course, smelling the Roses and the Peonies and the Mock Orange and the Sweet William and the……….

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