Feverfew Flower Essence

Feverfew is a magnificent Flower and Flower Essence.

This time of year, the garden is full of Feverfew and I am happy to welcome each and every blossom.

Feverfew moves around the gardens of its own accord. I never know if or where it is going to plant itself each season or even exactly what it’s blossoms will look like.

It has a couple of variations in form. Here’s one.

Here’s another.

As far as where it establishes itself, this year it wanted a seat at the table.


Can you see how it is growing up through the metal mesh of the chair? I am loathe to remove it so we may not sit down in the Arbor Garden until Feverfew has gone by.

Basically it has taken over the entire table in the Arbor Garden. I am quite enjoying this!

It certainly is a Flower worthy of any space it wants to occupy.

I first made Feverfew Flower Essence after a shaman from Ecuador came to the garden and talked to me about the Flower. Among hundreds of different Flowers in the garden, he zeroed in on this plant. Plucking a number of sprigs, he settled in to do a healing session with someone while I watched. He placed Feverfew blossoms on this person in very specific locations as she lay in the garden. He explained that he used Feverfew in this way whenever possible. He shared that this plant was a treasure of deep purpose and significance and that it was important to respect and encourage it wherever it wanted to grow. He noted that it always chose the places it wanted to grow and simply would not grow any place it didn’t want to be. I don’t think I ever weeded out a Feverfew before Alberto’s visit but I certainly never have since then.

After Alberto’s visit in the early 1990’s, I spent much time with Feverfew and made it into a Flower Essence. Since then it has been a mainstay in our collection. Feverfew is a Flower in our Arbor Garden mix which is made annually from all the Flowers blooming in the Arbor Garden. Feverfew also is included in other combination remedies including Emergency Care and Anxiety

Think of this friend if you are feeling restless, nervous, overwrought, jittery, despairing, agitated or in any way unsettled. It offers tremendous information about calming ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I can’t recommend it too highly. Its I AM affirmation, I AM the peace that passeth all understanding, suggests its strengths, but words cannot convey the healing gifts of this Flower and its Flower Essence.