Flower Essences for Sandy

As our hearts go out to our many Green Hope Farm friends affected by Sandy, we wish we could get a box of Essences to each of you.

Even Green Hope Farm, so far from the center of the Sandy, has had spotty phone service and internet since the storm so I don’t have any confidence that those closer to the coast can read this right now, but if you can, please know we are thinking of you.

This morning we tried to think of the most helpful Flower Essences for those of you affected by Sandy.

First we have a special Emergency Care mix we created when Hurricane Katrina occurred. We were lucky enough to have a triage center in Selma, Alabama that distributed this mix. This mix was then ready for the people in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami, and then it went off to many folks a year ago when Hurricane Irene came through.

Ironically, one of the people who saw to the distribution of at least a thousand bottles of this Flower Essence mix in Japan is right in the thick of things near the lower Hudson River in New Jersey- We are thinking of you Tomoyo and hoping you still have some of the Emergency Care for Japan to use and share!

So today as we consider what Flower Essences we wish all the people and animals affected by Sandy had in their hands, I think first of this Special Emergency Care mix which we still have available. Emergency Care or Animal Emergency Care are also wonderful so if you have either of those on hand, use them. The Special mix is not that different in its purposes. All three mixes offer a lot of support to overwrought electrical systems.

Our Anxiety combination mix would certainly be another top choice for animals and people. This event is simply too much to process and Anxiety helps free us from this task and ease our burdens in so many ways.

Grief & Loss is another combination mix I would include as a top choice. This tender mix comforts and consoles even amidst the big griefs of losing beloved places, the homes and neighborhoods of our lives.

Ireland is a watery place and Irish Essences have been calling to people this week in a big way. There is something very steadying about these Irish Flower Essences, ancient and also holding a confident long view, one forged from navigating beyond many, many previous watery events.

Omey Island would be my first choice from the Irish collection. This one is all about helping us when our life circumstances are constrained by forces beyond our control. Omey Island is a tidal island cut off from the mainland four hours in every twelve. This is a small tidbit of how Omey describes herself at the beginning of the Irish Collection section of the website.

“I AM all about edges. People at the edge of their lives, pushed there by circumstances, will find me a help in letting go of control or the illusion of control and going instead inwards to a different experience of their lives. By edges I mean places where the business of life has been stripped back and fallen away due to losses, changes in circumstances, illness, places where much that has seemed essential is gone and the person feels raw and vulnerable with both less of a feeling of worldly protection or buffering but also less worldly burdens. I help people to realize less is more. I help them in this pared down place on the edge to feel closer to their eternal self, more whole even though circumstances of their worldly life might suggest they are broken, empty, less than.”

Golden Armor also feels essential. This one helps animals and people feel cocooned from swirling events. It literally buffers out dissonance but also helps us keep our electrical field strong. It has anti viral and anti bacterial Essences in it that are important for those of you dealing with toxic flood waters as well as those run down by the emotional exhaustion of the situation. I can’t speak too highly of this one.

We have seen a lot of Sanctuary flow out the door here since its creation this summer. It is a great mix for helping us feel safe and secure even when all the externals have changed or we have gone through a traumatic experience that leaves us raw and vulnerable.

Special Emergency Care, Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Omey Island, Golden Armor and Sanctuary. This group of Flower Essences serves on so many levels. I am grateful to have them ready right now for people and animals.

I could go with more suggestions and of course we are happy to talk on the phone or on email with you to help you chose Essences dovetailed to your specific situation- but this group feels helpful for the immediate aftermath. Later Recovery mix and Phoenix Rising will have their role to play and many others, but this is a group that addresses the immediate circumstance and offers a lot of support.