A Whirlwind Tour through May

May was cool until the last few days so the Tulips stayed sassy for weeks.

Our Honeybees did a great job pollinating our Apple trees. Gorgeous blossoms are now tiny apples.

My fixation with Purple Sensation Allium left the gardens awash in these stunners.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we dashed up to Maine to see Emily graduate from college. A friend lent us his darling house in Damariscotta for the occasion. The house is the one that Jim and Ben re-roofed a few years back. It proved a lovely place to celebrate between official events. Hooray for Emily (who found herself hard at work at the farm a few short hours after graduation) !


We returned to gardens flooded in Tree Peonies. A brief heat wave had brought them all to flower overnight.

As we went to get the last of the gardens planted, the dogs remained in the thick of all planting activities.


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