Zucchini Flower Essence Flashback

Yesterday was a beautiful clear summer day so the Angels had me busy making Flower Essences.

So many Flowers bloom for a relatively short window of time. This means I keep my lists of what needs to be made for our various collections right here at my desk to check frequently. There are some Flowers like yesterday’s Zucchini Flowers that bloom for many weeks and that was a good thing because yesterday after leaving the most gorgeous big saucy orange Zucchini blossoms in a bowl of water out in the sun, I returned at dusk to find the bowl of water tipped over, the Essence drunk and the Flowers eaten.

This reminded me of the first time I learned Flower Essences were a special gift for animals.

It was at the beginning of the 90’s and several friends and I were out in the first Venus Garden. Suddenly a strange black dog charged into the yard and began to run circles around the garden where we sat. As the dog got moving faster and faster his mouth began to foam. Perhaps we should have been afraid of rabies or something like that but instead, a friend named Anita got up and prepared a big bowl of water for this dog with the first Essence she could find. It happened to be Zucchini Flower Essence.

As she set the bowl on the ground, the big black dog raced to the bowl, drank the whole thing then flopped down in a relaxed heap in the grass where he spent a happy couple of hours watching us peacefully. After a few hours of perfect calm, he leisurely strolled out of the yard a changed animal. While we never saw this dog again, he REALLY GOT MY ATTENTION about how much a Flower Essence could help an animal. He was one of the many precious animals who sometimes dramatically and sometimes patiently ushered us into our calling to create Flower Essences for animals. For that I will always be grateful.

I don’t know who dropped by to drink the bowl of Zucchini Flower Essence yesterday, but I am grateful for this visit because it reminded me of that first eye opening moment with a dog and this Essence. And now without further ado I am off to the Zucchini plants again in search of more blossoms just waiting to become a Flower Essence.

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