The Stove aka the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Hmmmmmmmm. Let’s read the blog I started last Friday BEFORE the Sears man arrived for our appointment with destiny,

“We have many people living at the farm this summer- I have referenced our big dinners gathered around the electric fry pan but not really explained that we have a number of young people coming and going, sleeping in the outdoor sleeping porch that we call, “the Pelaton,” working in the gardens and in the office. When the stove broke, I felt completely harassed by the idea of cooking for all these young people with limited facilities, but what happened in the last two weeks was everyone pitched in with a sense of humor and adventure and our nights became times of singing, strangely effective food improvisations and a surprising amount of FUN. The broken stove freed me up to let go and truly let others riff with the food.”

Okay, that was as far as I got before the Sears man arrived to tell me when he could get the repair part for our stove.

July 14th.

And so we riff on……….. and I try to see it as STILL fun and funny that as our numbers bounce towards a dozen, we are all still sharing one well loved electric fry pan.

(And for those of you on the staff reading this blog, I HAVE noticed you all leaving the office on extra long mid morning “bathroom breaks” just so you can whip up a little something in the electric fry pan before lunch when the scene is like rush hour in Manhattan)

All I can say is thank goodness for July Flowers. When I am not scanning the inside of the refrigerator for anything that requires no cooking and can feed ten hungry twenty somethings, I can be found down amongst the Sweet Peas and Pom Pom Poppies with my friends the honeybees who mercifully never need to use the stove.


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