Anatomy of a Custom Flower Essence Mix

Yesterday afternoon I helped the staff Goddesses pack orders. When pulling an order from the stack, you never knows what you’ll get. That’s part of the fun of it. An order for the entire Green Hope Farm Combos collection? A large bottle of Anxiety? All the Rose trios? An order can be a nearly unlimited variety of Flower Essences.

The first order I pulled yesterday was for a Custom Mix. In our bottling room we have a wall that holds a small bottle of every mother Flower Essence. This means we can stand in front of this wall and mix a custom mix all from the wall of Flower Essences. As I stood in front of this wall of Flower Love, I thought both about Custom Mixes and this specific Custom Mix.

Custom Mixes are an excellent way to begin working with Flower Essences. We put a baker’s dozen Flower Essences in each Custom Mix we create for you, your client, your friend, your family member or your beloved animal companion. You tell us what you want the Custom Flower Essence Mix to support, and we take it from there. This is a great way to tap into our expertise. It is especially helpful when you or a beloved is ill or dealing with such a complicated situation that it is a relief to have someone else figure out what you or a beloved needs. I also love it when people choose their own 13 Flower Essences for a Custom Mix. I learn so much from seeing how you put Flower Essences together.

Custom Mixes have such lovely, strong healing energies. As I assembled the first order’s Custom Mix yesterday, I felt how comforting and uplifting the Mix would be for its recipient. I contemplated making a second bottle for myself as it felt so wonderful! With the Mix assembled, I returned to the main office from the bottling room to thank Vicki who had chosen the Flower Essences for the Custom Mix. I felt so grateful for her healing work in choosing the Flower Essences for the Mix.

The staff Goddesses creating Custom Mixes have all been here at Green Hope Farm for a very long time, several decades in the case of Vicki and Elizabeth. All of us take the process of creating a Custom Mix for you very seriously. We often discuss as a group what Flower Essences might be considered for a certain concern or situation. We also ask for guidance from our upstairs staff. Custom Mixes are a collaborative creation and a magical one. We may get a prompting to include a certain Flower Essence, then when we read its description, we get insight why it is included in the mix. Much time and energy is spent formulating each Custom Mix.

Each Custom Mix offers unique and healing music, a bespoke and harmonious download of vibrational information for you or a beloved. Custom Mixes sing through our energy field with a healing purpose and clarity that takes my breath away.

It occurred to me as I packed up this specific Custom Flower Essence Mix that you might be interested to see what was requested and what Flower Essences were included in the Mix.

This Green Hope beloved asked for a Custom Mix that would help them deal with depression, sadness, no motivation and feeling stuck in anxiety and fear. They closed their request saying they aspired to more self love, hope and happiness.


The Custom Mix which Vicki created contained these 13 Flower Essences: Borage, Gorse, Don’t Worry-Bee Happy, Pumpkin, Anxiety, Be Fearless, Boundless, Meadowsweet, To Thine Own Self Be True, Kapha, Crab Apple, Coral Pink Rose and FJ Grootendorst Rose.

I loved how the Flower Essences chosen addressed all the topics mentioned by the Green Hope beloved and also went deep into these concerns in unexpected ways. Flower allies who have delivered so much healing support were there as were some surprises like Boundless. I felt so happy sending off this mix and so grateful to be here. Each day I learn more about the Flowers and their gifts. Each day you and the Staff Goddesses, upstairs and down, teach me so much.

PS Our first Snowdrops are here though I can’t think they’re savoring today’s arctic winds