Flower Essence Support for Healers of all sorts

A few wintry days ago we made up more Mother Flower Essence for one of our bespoke combination Flower Essences, Hesperides’ Gift.

Some combinations are created in the garden. The Arbor Garden, for example, is created in the Arbor Garden each growing season from all the Flowers in blossom there on the day the Angels choose to make the mix.

However, most combination Flower Essences are mixed by us from Flower Essences Mothers in our collections. We have about a thousand Mother Flower Essences in our Mother Essence room. Combination remedies like Hesperides’ Gift or Golden Armor are created from these Mothers. Building from the resource of this Mother Essence inventory means our mixes can have much relevant Flower wisdom. For example, they can include Flower Essences from many geographical locations as well as Flowers that don’t bloom at the same time.

We are guided by our Angelic partners about the Flower Essence ingredients in these mixes. It’s an ongoing process in which we check in when making new inventory to see if the combination remedy needs tweaks. The Angels recipe and subsequent tweaks result in combination remedies that have great depth and complexity as well as a vibrational strength revelant to this precise time.

When we work with a combination Flower Essence, we may just feel the overall vibrational effect of a combination. When I mix the mix I get to see why a combination works in such a deep way. As I add one Flower Essence after another, I get to consider why the Essence was chosen in the mix and how it supports the overall braid of Flower Essences.

So let’s consider Hesperides’ Gift. This Flower Essence was originally created two decades ago for a group project at a school for energy workers. A healer asked for a Green Hope Farm combination Flower Essence to be created to support the extensive healing community of her school for a specific healing project.

Our charge was to make a mix that would support healers who were feeling burnt out, overwhelmed by the gravity and volume of work they were doing, feeling in need of restorative love and new inspiration as well as support for the boundary work so necessary for all healing tasks.

After we created the mix, many hundreds of healers both current students at this school for healing as well as graduates took Hesperides’ Gift simultaneously to activate a group healing. It was a joy to send hundreds of bottles of this mix off across the globe each day, imagining the web of light Hesperides’ Gift helped to create and sustain in this wonderful community.

Twenty years ago, one thing I puzzled over as I created the mix with my Angelic partners was their choice of the name, Hesperides’ Gift. Even after looking up the mythological references, the name felt a bit obscure.

Twenty years later, I wondered about the name once again. Was there more that could be said about this name? Why this reference to the goddesses who protected the apples of immortality? And another question came up for me. We have continued to send this Flower Essence out for many years to so many. Was there anything the Angels wanted to say about who this mix might serve in this current era? I was asking the Angels for their thoughts on who are today’s healers.

After framing this question here, I got called away from the computer to do another task. This gave the Angels the opportunity to answer my questions in a different way.

While doing this other task, I was considering how I define healers in a much broader sense than when we first created the mix. I think of healers as anyone who brings love and light to any situation. As I was thinking this, someone across the room from me read out this Charles Dicken’s quote:

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.”

How I love the way Angels support us in such unexpected ways. This quote felt like the Angels affirming the idea that we are all healers, each in our own way.

I wondered a bit if this was taking the idea to far to say, ALL of us, then I paused and found myself glancing at the December calendar on the office wall. I hadn’t really noticed the calendar’s Meher Baba quote but read it then:

“The unfoldment of the divine in life is a common enterprise and not an exclusive achievement.”

I felt this supported my conviction that we are all healers. As I returned to the computer, I asked the Angels to share more. Here is what they said,

“This mix, Hesperides’ Gift is protected by us and is our gift to you. You are both the gift giver in your work as healers and you are the receiver of our gifts as you do this work. All to say, GIFT in this name is not an accident.

Today we call a spade a spade. The Hesperides were a group of women goddesses who guarded Gaia’s gifts of life force energy. In mythology these gifts were described symbolically as golden apples, gifts of an energetic nature brought down into form.

Existing in the realm between the unseen world of Divinity and the seen world of earthly life, the Hesperides were guardians of these energy gifts. Our intention in invoking this mythological framework is to suggest the significance of this remedy and to honor you who do healing work.

Like the Hesperides, healers bring the unseen world into the seen world. We are talking about how you bring light energy through the veils to offer to those in need. Words cannot contain the multitude of ways you healers do your work. We see it all and help you all.

There are so many kinds of healers and places of healing. If you count yourself out because you are not working in a conventional healing milieu or doing what others would say was healing work, please don’t. A smile can save a life. We want you to know you matter. Yours is sacred work. Love is total significance. Your efforts are total significance. Healers deserve to understand themselves in these terms. Healers do sacred work. It is not like other work. When a healer opens to receive love and light to direct it to another soul, it is a great gift.

We felt in giving the Flower Essence this name that we indicate the sacred and invaluable work of healers. We honor you with this name. We also want you to understand there are no boundaries between you as healer and us as healers. You and we are not we but one. We work in oneness.

With this name we share that in this Flower Essence mix and in so many other ways, we bring you gifts of support. ALWAYS and CONTINUOUSLY. Together with you, we bring to earth a golden light of love that heals all. We kid you not.