Flower Essences for Allergies

As I went out to the gardens this morning, I realized I had never seen the air so yellow with pollen. The wind was blowing the pollen from the pines across the whole landscape. The air was literally yellow. Even as I sit down to type this, my keyboard is covered in pollen.

We have been hearing about high pollen counts from other people in other places as well. My heart goes out to all of you for whom this is a problem.

It occurred to me that perhaps this would be a good time to write about Flower Essences that are helpful for allergies. While in the very early years of Green Hope Farm, we would have listed individual Flower Essences to consider, the Animal Wellness Collection has made support for allergies much simpler. This should be a short and straightforward blog!

In the Animal Wellness Collection are three combination remedies offering dovetailed and powerful support for dealing with allergies. These three are Breathe, Healthy Coat and Outburst.

Breathe offers an incredible group of Flower Essences all intent on helping us clear and strengthen our respiratory system. Speaking from my own experience, Breathe is a game changer.

We developed Healthy Coat for animals and their skin and fur but discovered almost immediately it supports the healing process for all raw, inflamed or reactive tissue internally as well as externally in people as well as animals. The ingredient list includes many Aloe Flowers as well as many dynamos for soothing surface irritations inside and out. Don’t let the name Healthy Coat dissuade you from working with this mix. You don’t need fur to benefit from this one!

Then there is Outburst. The original intent of this remedy was much more modest than the immense purpose this remedy serves. That is so often the way with our combination remedies. We think little picture and the Angels and Elementals are thinking BIG PICTURE. From the start, Outburst proved to offer support for so many situations. It helps with ANY kind of outburst in any system of our bodies. If the pollen is exploding your allergic situation, Outburst is for you. I can’t begin to enumerate the many situations this remedy has helped people and animals with, but many many people have reported on its wonderful support for allergies.

As you check out the ingredient lists for these three gems, please remember that Flower Essences do not contain the chemical plant matter of the Flower. Instead they hold the vibrational wisdom of the Flower and its electrical pattern. If you are allergic to one of the Flowers in these mixes, you will not be getting the physical Flower in the Essence but its healing wisdom that will support you in your situation.

As always, email us with any questions and know we send you our love on this yellow sky day!