The ground has thawed a great deal in the gardens. Its just about GO time. I will finish off the maple sugaring season soon, maybe this weekend, if the days stay as warm as they have been this week. No sooner will I have rinsed out the sap buckets and put them away, than there will be six zillion jobs to do in the gardens.

I am working on several writing pieces now, before the gardens need my undivided attention. The Animal Wellness brochure needs to be rewritten. I spent this morning on that. I really like how much more clearly I can describe Flower Essences than when I last rewrote this brochure. My language is a lot less vague. I can better explain why Essences are both safe and effective.

I learn so much about Flower Essences from what you tell me. I say this all the time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Your stories, your insights, and your intuitions all move me along in my growing understanding of Flower Essences. Your wisdom and experience ground my understanding more completely and I think this shows in my writing.

Even though the new guide is just out, I have started another folder of your letters and e-mails about Flower Essences for the next edition. It’s quite thick already, but this is partly because I only found one of two folders of letters I had saved when I revised the last guide. This second folder surfaced right after the new guide went to press. Grrrrrrrrr! The new folder is also thick because even though we just received the guidebook from the printer, the revision left my hands in October. We have had a lot of wonderful letters and e-mails from you since then.

What wonders will be part of the next Guidebook? In two more years, we’ll all know. In the meantime, I enjoy knowing that new stories and insights are quoted in this edition of the book and inform each definition for a Flower Essence that I wrote with the Angels.

One project I hope to do before compost, mulch, weeds, and Flowers fill my days is write a definition for Flower Essences for Wikipedia. My limited understanding of Wikipedia is that it is a web based encyclopedia written by anyone who feels like writing a definition for something. The inspired twist is that anyone else can edit whatever someone has written. This means there is a self regulating mechanism built into the system. As Ben explained it to me, the theory is that the collective wisdom of everyone can write a much better encyclopedia than the single voices of the experts that write for other encyclopedias.

I will let you know when I post that definition on Wikipedia and will look forward to your editing. Maybe you’ll get there first and I will edit your thoughts. In any case, I am certain that our collective insights will make for one heck of a definition.

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