Flower Essences for Covid Cabin Fever

I thought it might be helpful to offer Flower Essence suggestions for our life circumstances during the pandemic, especially as this chapter of life on earth stretches on. Before I begin, I want to note that we still have a mix, Timely Virus Mix, for support to keep virus free or cope with the virus if you do get it.

I have divided my suggestions into categories- Let me know if I missed something!

One other thing. You’ll notice I chose photos from the Camino throughout this blog. This is because the Camino and the reality of spiritual journey is so relevant during this time of pandemic. In truth, we are still on the Camino even when we are not literally walking a trail!”

Support to be as resilient and flexible as possible

So many plans cancelled or changed. So many jobs and relationships in flux. This has been a time requiring us to be very flexible and resilient in the face of innumerable setbacks and disappointments.  Here are some Flower Essences to help us find our most resilient self.

Common Ragwort– Helps us not get stuck in resistance but find our resilience to face necessary change. This is especially helpful when the change is extreme and alien. Ring any bells?

Watch Your Back– Okay, bear with me a moment because this doesn’t initially seem to have much to do with flexibility and resilience, but this combination includes all our Palm Essences, all of which embody and offer a vibration of great flexibility and resilience. Just think how Palms bend in hurricane winds yet live to see another day.

Coltsfoot– Another one that seems more connected to other concerns like regaining flexibility after an orthopedic injury, however this one also helps us have a flexible attitude towards change.

Red Rugosa Rose– This one helps us ride stormy seas with resilience, grace, humor even panache.

Support for feelings of claustrophobia

On the Camino there are places on the trail that are called God forsaken places, stretches that feel so spiritually heavy that pilgrims must work hard to keep going through these dark places. Here are some Flower Essence suggestions if this stretch of your spiritual journey has felt like a God forsaken place or simply a place of claustrophobic smallness.

Bramble from Scotland– This one helps us arise from a dark place and move towards a place of greater light, even if the journey right now can only be an inner journey not literal.

Omey Island– This combination remedy, made on the sacred tidal island of Omey Island, Connemara, Ireland, helps us accept the natural flow of life including times when we are cut off from each other as when a tide cuts an island off from the mainland. It helps us to feel whole even as our lives have been pared down by circumstances beyond our control. It helps us know we are spiritual beings having a physical experience not visa versa. It helps us rest in an understanding that this time serves us spiritually and therefore it’s okay to accommodate it peacefully.  Pilgrims created the Camino with no intention of including God forsaken places, but these places arose none the less as part of the spiritual journey.  Omey Island helps us know these places have their gifts.

Boundless– Support from this Venus Garden variation to feel the Boundless glory of our souls even when physical limitations are present.

Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean– Helps us experience our spiritual freedom no matter the circumstances.

Specific support if we miss traveling

One of the essential gifts of Flower Essences is that they bring us the healing vibration of other geographical locations when we can’t go to these places ourselves. Consider dipping into collections from places you’d like to visit.  This gives your energy system the same information as if you had actually visited. Yes, it’s not the same as actually being in the place, but right now these global offerings are very expansive and balancing to us.  We have Flower Essences from Bermuda, Ireland, Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, Patagonia, Crete, India, Sicily, Greece, Taiwan, Japan, Scotland, St John USVI, as well as from various places in the US.

Help so our currently restricted daily life to feel more joyful and fun

Mazarife- This Camino beloved supports us to create an oasis of joy during bleak stretches in our lives.

Daisy– If we have been scattered or discontent, Daisy helps us find a cheerful, happy state of being, one that feels very centered and grounded and where we feel confident in our right to be happy.

Gratitude– Because counting our blessings always helps.

Don’t Worry-Bee Happy– Rising above the clouds of worry to feel the buzz of eternal joy.

Globe Mallow– Support to feel a robust appreciation of the everyday as well as experience even the most humdrum and constrained day as sacred.

The Fairy Rose– Because we all need a bit of dolphin magic and play.

FJ Grootendorst Rose– Offers us that most happy summer feeling.

Bramble– This Bramble from Ireland helps us experience the half glass full even amidst circumstances that are extremely challenging.

Allspice– Helps us heighten our senses and therefore experience the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Acceptance of what is

In addition to Omey Island, there are other Flower Essences that help us find acceptance with what is. Interestingly, many of them are from the ever-evolving Venus Garden at Green Hope Farm which each season offers us support for a big picture situation we are all going through.

Equanimity– This Venus Garden variation holds a template for equanimity. Equanimity is the state of being calm, composed, even tempered especially in difficult situations. Equanimity is the ability to remain poised and in balance even when pressed by painful experiences of failure and loss. It is not so much not caring, as being able to care in a calm and emotionally balanced way.

Love it and Leave It– This Venus Garden gem brings us to an experience of our immutable Divine real self. It does this by loosening our focus on the unreal and helping us focus on love. It does this by encouraging detachment and an unshakeable knowledge that all things of this world are momentary and passing. This knowledge releases us from the futility of trying to control outcomes. It releases us to genuinely enjoy whatever is happening without thinking it defines us. It releases us into true happiness as we realize nothing defines us but our Creator. This detachment leaves us free to focus on what IS unchangeable, and it isn’t fame or fortune. Focused love on Divinity is our way through the momentary and passing to the absolute and eternal.

Loving What Is- Help to put the heart ahead of the mind, because when the heart leads and the mind supports the heart, we find purpose and acceptance even in extreme circumstances. When the mind leads, it’s not so good.

Maple– Maple helps us cultivate the middle road, a balanced and calm view of things and acceptance of what is.

Redwood– What does the ancient Redwood know? This too shall pass.

Flower from the Gardens of Taormina– Trusting the path in front of us even as things fall apart.

Support to use this time out to recharge for new breakthroughs

A golfer swings his club backwards before forwards and both directions serve the trajectory of the ball.  We are in a pause, a space that sometimes feels like a going backwards, but as things begin to go forward again, we’re going to see more clearly how this “time out” served us.

Zucchini– This one encourages us to use any downtime we have been given to recharge without guilt.

Desert Garden– Supports us to receive nourishment in inhospitable, harsh situations that seem to offer no hope of sustenance.

The Gate Beautiful– The backswing takes us temporarily back into tired old tales of three dimensional life, the forward swing takes us into the vibrant fifth dimension. This Venus Garden gem from 2020 powers our forward swing on into the beautiful fifth dimension.

Support to find our creative voice in this time

There is a scene in Apollo 11 when Houston mission control realizes that there won’t be enough oxygen to get the astronauts home unless the astronauts build a filtration system up in space.  Someone at mission control assembles all the random gear that the astronauts have available to make the system- things like socks and duck tape- and gets a group to build a filtration system that they can teach the astronauts to build in space. This saves the astronauts lives.  Sometimes I think constraints are the mother of invention just as much as necessity.

When I taught photography before Green Hope Farm was born, one assignment I gave my students was to take photographs of one building at the school using a kind of film that only printed in black and white with no gray.  The narrowness of this assignment made it the one that brought out the best in the students.  When the dust settles post covid, we are going to see a flood of new creations, creations born in spite of and sometimes because of the constraints we have all experienced. Here are some Flower Essences to support you to be part of this flood of creativity.

La Rioja– This Essence from the Camino collection supports us to find our unique creative voice.

Wild Iris– Reaching for the stars, we can choose to birth healing creations from the heart of our souls. This one helps us align to our most sublime creativity.

Lady’s Mantle– Sheltering our creative efforts so we can give birth to them when the time is right.

Clivia– Supports tangible results from our create efforts.

Partridgeberry– Support for a creative project to bear fruit especially those created in partnership (for me, this partnership has been with Angels and Elementals so this doesn’t have to be a partnership with another human).

The Eight Garden– Helps us get in the flow of the expanding light energy so we can bring our creative dreams into form in the most seamless way possible.

Support to navigate the losses

Change brings loss and this shift has brought a lot of it. As we pause to mourn the dead and the things we have seen leave our life, these Essences may help.

Grief & Loss– This Flower Essence combo is a steadfast friend in times of grief and loss. I can’t recommend it too highly.

Grief & Loss Rose Trio– Three generous and loving Roses offer a trio to tender support for us in our suffering.

Phoenix Rising– Supports in us the energy of rebirth from the ashes.

Arbor Garden– Humming with a vibration beyond the earth illusion of separation, this one helps us to feel the unity of life and abiding reality of oneness.

Support to feel hope, trust and our connection to source amidst the chaos

Gorse– Helps us have a steadiness of hope and optimism even in situations in which we are being battered by the winds of change or find ourselves in an environment of pessimism. It is an excellent ally when a feeling of all is lost is prevalent because Gorse knows all is never lost.

Eyes of Mary– This one helps us see the situation as Angels do, offering us an overview that is deeply relaxing, inspiring and hopeful.

Red Mangrove– Helps us feel anchored in eternal realities as temporal ones shift or fall away. This small and tenacious tree, rooted at the ocean shoreline, is one of the few trees that withstands hurricane winds. As an Essence it helps us know the truth that we are safe and firmly anchored in our Creator even when the waves rock and roll us or when all the other things we have looked to for stability and safe anchorage are crumbling away. It’s also a great energy for new creations as Mangroves serve as the nurseries for much new ocean life.

Yellow Water Lily– Helps us feel deeply rooted to source no matter the tumult, no matter the storm blowing on the surface of our lives.

Effort and Grace– Our efforts matter, not the outcome. That is what we can bring to the table right now. Grace matters too, and it comes to us with abundance and generosity when we least expect it. This Venus Garden combo shares a magical mix of effort and grace that encourages us to keep going in the mess of human life, knowing our efforts elevate and sweeten grace just as grace elevates and sweetens our efforts.

Creeping Daisy– Fills us to the brim with the knowledge that Spirit is, always has been, and always will be loyal to us.

Support with our next steps after this time

The Angels wanted to end with this topic, noting that the Camino collection which figures prominently below, is a particularly appropriate group for this concern.

Queen of the Night– This night blooming Flower and vibrational beacon of light illuminates where we are and helps us navigate forward across any terrain we are hesitant to cross. Her light literally unknots and dissolves complications. It is focused and wise.

The Way Forward– Made from many Flowers along a 500 mile stretch of the Camino, this Camino gem helps us find the next step wherever we are on our path.

Belorado– Another Camino beloved, this one helps us have faith in the emptiness before the dawning of the next chapter when we will find more community.

Puente la Reina– A Camino friend that helps us to lighten our energetic load, be clear about whom to travel forward with and who can actually support our growth.

Manjarin– Another from the Camino, this one supports us to see below the surface of any situation and break down the existing worldview so we can be energetically discerning about gifts and red herrings.

Trabadelo– A beloved Camino friend, this one helps us find the courage to let old patterns go even as we don’t know what our life will look like without them.

O’Cebreiro– Also from the Camino, this one helps us find the strength to leave behind people and places that you have loved but are not part of your growth as a soul (another for this is The Letting Go Flower).

Santiago– Another beloved Camino Essence. This one is for moments of false endings when the spiritual journey is ongoing.

Fisterra– The final Camino one suggested by the Angels. this one offers support when the soul is at the end of a long process of laying down major paradigms of this or other lives.