Finding the Right Flower Essences for You

There are so many ways to find Flower Essences that will offer support to you in any situation you would like support with.

One thing to know as you begin your search is to know that it can be a relaxed and unpressured one. Why? Because Flower Essences are wonderfully versatile in their strengths and most choices are going to offer some support. And if you get a Flower Essence that doesn’t have relevant information, it won’t hurt you because Flower Essences are electrical information not chemical remedies.

However we know that sometimes it is wonderful to get the Flower Essences that will help very precisely and efficiently.  To find very specific Flower Essence suggestions for specific concerns, there are a lot of ways to proceed.

Some of you dear people find supportive Flower Essences by looking at photos of Flowers to see what catches your attention.  Others look to specific geographical collections, following the bead of a place that calls to you.

The Rose Garden Essences aren’t a specific geographical collection, but they often call to people too as different kinds of Flowers can also call to us.

Back in the day when our Guidebook was more central to people’s process with Flower Essences, many of you would open the book “at random” and then read the description of the Essence or Essences on that page.  The Essences described on the page were often precisely what you were looking for.  The Guidebook is still available.  I love this book and am grateful the Angels asked me to write it.

So many of you listen to your dreams and intuition and will call or email us asking for a certain Flower because of this inner knowing.  I love how often people have dreams about FLOWERS!

A very concrete tool is our Flower Essences for Common Concerns document on our Resources page.  It is SUCH a great resource for finding exactly what you are looking for.

We have been working on this document for thirty years. All of us on the staff refer to it every day.  We also update it on a very regular basis as new topics of concerns are brought to our attention (Yes, there is a reason it’s 121 pages long and growing!).

Whenever you request a Flower Essence for a certain situation, if there is not a category for this concern in this document, we address the concern by getting back to you with our suggestions then editing the Common Concerns document with what we have learned.  To gather suggestions, we try and recall situations where we have addressed this issue. Your feedback is often very helpful in this search for suggestions.  We also  ask the Angels for their suggestions.

Take for example this morning when a mother  wrote about her concerns for her young child, adopted by her after 15 months in a orphanage.  Her child’s therapist had suggested she check with us for Flower Essences for his attachment disorder with presenting symptoms of fear, anger and aggression.

Many Flower Essence suggestions came to mind, and the Angels had their own suggestions and way they wanted to organize the information.   We suggested a custom mix of Flower Essences for this young child and gave his mom our Flower Essence suggestions organized based on the Angels’ input.

The reason we suggested a mix is that it allows us to cover lots of different concerns within the general concern and also is a very easy way to offer a small child Flower Essences.

We also added  Attachment Disorder to our categories on the Flower Essences for Common Concerns list with the Angels’ Flower Essence suggestions listed per their topics.  The Angels’ way of presenting their suggestions via topics reminded me that anger is rarely the bottom emotion but often the one covering sadness beneath.  This child may well be suffering the wound of the original loss of a secure caretaker figure resulting in a sadness that is permeating his current life in a loving household.

Support for healing the original loss: Arbor Garden, Grief & Loss, Wound Healing                                                                                                                   For fear and anger: Outburst, Maple, Dill, Abandonment & Abuse, Old Blush China Rose                                                                                                                   Feeling lost in past losses even when in loving new home: Abandonment & Abuse
Restoring feeling of connection to others: Arbor Garden, Queen Anne’s Lace, Angelica, Rosemary
Turning the situation around: The Alignment Garden, Larkspur

This mother’s request gave us an inservice that will hopefully help others as we go along.  I am always so struck by the way the Angels come at a concern and the Flower Essences they suggest.

For example, the Angels suggested three Flowers that share a similar architecture of smaller units connected to the whole in a sort of circular dome: Queen Anne’s Lace, Angelica and Dill.  And the Angels bring them forward here because all of them help us rise up into a feeling of connection to each other, a connection that helps us feel empowered by our oneness.


I know that I have said before how vital your input is. I hope this blog underscores this.  We needed this young mother’s question to generate a conversation with the Angels that will in turn help improve the ease with which others dealing with Attachment Disorder can find supportive Flower Essences. Thank you one and all for your questions, your stories about Flower Essences and all your sharing.  It is all appreciated so very much.