Unexpected Garden Art

Yes this really is a shovel covered in Morning Glories! I left it there what seems like yesterday when I was digging carrots….. How on earth did this happen?

In the face of keeping up with the new indoor order flow we seem to have dropped the ball or make that dropped the shovel in the vegetable gardens!

When I noticed this silliness yesterday it cracked me up- I’ve seen faked up design elements like this in magazines, but believe me, this was pure serendipity in the face of basic vegetable garden neglect.

Fortunately, the field of Red Shiso that you can see a bit of in the background of this photograph is doing very well- We can’t neglect that blessed crop as it’s key to every bottle of Essence!

Love Live the Red Shiso and Bless the Elementals who know how to make a point with humor and beauty!