Afghans Remain our Main March Crop

After a string of warm days melted most of our snow and just when it looked like we were going to reclaim the lovely green and brown earth for good, we got another really big snow. The one good thing about massive quantities of snow in late March is that it leaves lots of time for knitting (because frankly I can drum up no enthusiasm for actual outdoor winter activities at this point other than walks up and down the road with the dogs).

The first fifth grade afghan got finished with a two color border. More importantly it got road tested. Bella settled right in only to be moved off by MayMay who felt she had the right to test it for a twelve hour night shift.


With this rigorous testing process behind it, the afghan went back to where it all began, the fifth grade classroom at the Plainfield school. Now it’s time for assembling number two afghan. With high temperatures in the twenties today and a predicted fifteen below tonight, the snow won’t be melting, the sap won’t be running, the earth won’t be appearing and I will get a lot done on the next afghan (which I might add is going to be another beauty!).

Heather tells me it’s a good thing that the assembly line is moving along because the fifth graders are still knitting! Yahoooooo!

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